Content based outreach for linkbuilding

ahrefs – Competitive backlink analysis

Steal competitor backlinks

[ok~] Coschedule – SEO tips

  • Keyword research
    • Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner
    • free keyword research database
    • See what a domain is ranking for
    • Latent semantic indexing (LSI) keyword generator – different terms to search the same thing.
  • Meta tag formatting – be sensible
  • Image
  • Internal linking
  • Linkbuilding


[blah] Ecommerce – 3 tactics retailers are rolling out for the holidays | MarketingSherpa – Gift guides, promise of early-bird deals in exchange for email, Pinterest board

[blah] RJMetrics – sustainable ecommerce growth – Don’t guess, run tests with PIE framework (potential, importance, ease)

[useful examples] 10 ecommerce case studies | MarketingSherpa

  • EdibleArrangements same day orders
  • cart abandonment
  • Email Marketing – (PoopBags)
  • Content marketing – Wine Enthusiast
  • Improve UX – Company Folders
  • Trustmarks – Modern Coin Mart
  • Social Media Marketing – Diamond Candles
  • Segmented emails – SwayChic

[useful examples] DashHuson – Instagram Videos (4 parts)

Gorilla360 – Twitter ecommerce marketing examples – Warby Parker, Home Depot, Arena Flowers, Beardbrand, Jet Blue, Yodel, Dell, Birchbox, Amazon, Paddy Power, TOMS, REI


Examples I like:

Fizzle – Our Most Popular PostsI like the leadcap


[thinkpiece] How Google Analytics ruined marketing | TechCrunch 2016 article

A Clear Path for Marketers to Surviving Content Shock – Moz (response to Schaefer’s Content Shock)

The point about deep pockets is an interesting one. Ultimately the question might be one of motivation. What motivates people to make great content? To build the skills, etc?

Gorilla360 – The scary online advertising trends you need to fight against – Why build an audience when you can buy one? VV: Think about your own thoughts about how to grow an audience, and what your own plans are on that front.



[tonnes of links, unknown value] 70+ ecommerce best practice tips, stats, blogposts (Econsultancy)

[unread] /r/entrepreneur – BS-free marketing strategy


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