Work with the press


PR/Press: Work backwards from the share- identify the relevant motivation, and emphasize out. Consider the Ice Bucket Challenge. #comment About why the most influential people would be motivated to share (PR people looking for a scoop, etc)

  • The Ice Bucket Challenge swept across the world in mid-2014, raising millions of dollars and even more attention and understanding for ALS.
  • (Why are they sharing? Who are they sharing it with? What’s the benefit they experience from sharing, and how do you emphasize that, add more to that?)
  • This is especially great when you’re working with journalists, people who run newsletters, etc. Figure out their job and do it for them.
  • At a superficial level, understanding journalists and the press is somewhat straightforward. They have criteria and deadlines to meet, and they’ll be very thankful if you can help them to do their job. In Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of A Media Manipulator, Ryan Holiday describes how he posed as an expert on several topics and had false facts published.
  • But if you want to really build and establish a powerful brand, you’re probably going to have to base it on facts. This can take a long time- you need to become a thought leader who truly understands the problem, the community, etc. >

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