Why marketing?

In response to a question, “Why marketing, over everything else?”

Well first of all, we live in civilization, where the rules of the survival dictate that we have to contribute economically in order to pay for cash and shelter.

To contribute economically, we’re typically going to take part in some sort of enterprise with other people.

Simplistically, there are three parts to business:

1. you make it (innovation)
2. you sell it (marketing)
3. you handle the money (accounting, HR, etc).

I hate handling the money.

I DO like like making stuff, but I’ve encountered other people who are obsessive about making good things, and I know that I’ll never be as good as them.

I focus on the thing that I enjoy the most and have the best shot at being world-class at (because being world-class at something compensates you disproportionately)– marketing.

I particularly like marketing because it allows us to make the largest impact with the smallest differences. We literally create real value out of thin air by helping people reframe how they perceive things.

The better I get at marketing, the more I can contribute to any particular enterprise that I choose.

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