How to think about traffic


How do you get more blog traffic?

First you need to publish content. When you’re at 0, you can pretty much publish whatever you like. You need to get into the habit/process of being able to publish things, so don’t obsess too much about publishing the right thing. If you’re new, you don’t yet know what “good” or “correct” is, so there’s no point trying to overthink that. It’s something you’ll figure out with output. So publish as much as you can.

Answer specific questions. I think it’s a good idea to write content that answers specific questions that people have. People often type in questions directly into their search bars – I do the same myself. I think, in order to stay motivated and focused, it helps to work backwards from questions that you’re actually sincerely interested in. (I’ve had a lot of fun curating a list of curiosities on this blog, for myself.) People are always starving to hear from other people who are genuinely interested in things.

Work backwards from your end-goal. What is the point of your blog? In ReferralCandy‘s case, the point is to help educate and inform people about referral marketing. We want intelligent, well-informed retailers with great products to achieve tremendous success through their referral campaigns, delighting their existing customers and getting lots of new ones in the process. So our blog needs to do a few different things. It needs to help retailers understand how and why referral marketing works, how businesses can use it, and so on.

Distribute your content. Once you’ve made something decent, it’s worth talking to other people to see what they think about it. Before you can do that, you’re usually going to have to contribute something first. (Ah, reciprocity.) Leave some thoughtful comments on quality content that you find elsewhere, share it yourself on Twitter. Email these people and ask them what’s up.


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