The most important thing about marketing


  • The most important thing about marketing #vvmarketing
    • The most important thing about marketing
      • Conclusion: the most important thing about marketing is figuring out Why. What makes people do what they do. What would give people pleasure, relief, respite.
        • the most important thing about marketing is helping people get more precise about what they want’
      • we don’t buy what we need. we buy what we want. but we aren’t super clear about what we want. we know what we want when we see it, but most of us are too busy, too tired, etc to sit down and figure out for ourselves what we want. (This is an excellent exercise, by the way, which everybody really ought to do.)
      • when we figure out what we want, the next step is to figure out what we need to do to get there. but that’s relatively trivial, in my opinion. if you do nothing else as a marketer, you should figure out why. and the rest almost takes care of itself. (Almost. Actually it’s a ton of work. But if we don’t figure out why, we’re chipping away randomly in random places at random things and the net result is mediocre.)
      • I would love it if we preceded all our conversations about marketing with why. I work for X company- why? Why does the company exist?
    • What is the most critical, important thing about marketing? About customer acquisition, about building a brand? There are all these books to read. there are all these blogposts. all these case studies. I have 100s of case studies, dozens of books. I’ve been doing marketing for a couple of years. What’s The Most Important Thing?
      • I googled “The Most Important Thing About Marketing”-
        • 8 things- nope, nada.
        • How To Show Undeniable Proof
    • The most important thing is aligning yourself and your offering with the intrinsic motivations of your customer. Of somebody. Anybody.
    • There is an old saying in marketing: A great product will sell even if the promotion is poor, but a great promotion cannot sell a bad product. It isn’t always true, but the fact remains that the most important factor in marketing is whether your product is a good fit with the needs, concerns, and desires of your customers.

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