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Story: 3. Wow Them With Great Story: Contour lost to GoPro because of GoPro’s superior storytelling

  • Made to stick: challenge / connection / creativity.
  • “We lost to a company that built a much stronger brand, allowing its customers to emotionally connect with it. For years, our competitor GoPro’s insanely focused approach on inspiring consumers went well beyond the technical performance and functional specs of its cameras, enabling them to create a movement rivaled by few companies in the world.”
  • In <year>, Marc Barros founded Contour- a hardware startup that was dedicated to helping people film their experiences from their helmets. Contour had good reviews, but it ultimately lost out to GoPro, which has the much stronger brand. 
  • Examples of brand stories
  • Coke has a better story than Pepsi. Coke colonized Christmas, sharing, America. Harley Davidson is all about story. Pebble is about story.
  • Storytelling isn’t just about fluff or some pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Your positioning/messaging should help these people quickly, clearly understand how they ought to use your product, and why they ought to use your product. A strong story helps the customer clarify what they want.
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