• This is going to be fun. I’m Visa, I’m ReferralCandy’s blog design. And you might know Desmond as the design lead. Together we handle a a lot of ReferralCandy’s marketing, branding and design. We also run in our spare time, which is a surprisingly popular t-shirt label in Singapore. And we run it on Shopify.
  • Statement by the numbers
    • We started by investing less than a couple of hundred dollars of our own money. At the time, Desmond was a full-time designer and I was still a military conscript.
    • Started when I had a list of ideas for t-shirts that I wish I had. I was unhappy and unsatisfied with the options I had on the market to express myself, and so I thought I’d come up with a few ideas of my own, just for fun. I posted these ideas on Facebook in a really crappy bitmap form, using MS paint.
    • Got quite a few likes. Desmond reached out to me.
    • Lots of press. Why do we get so much press? Probably because the t-shirts are amusing and newsworthy, memorable.

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