Sernovitz WOM

  • What’s in it for me: get your customers to do your marketing for you.
  • The internet means consumers have a powerful say in the image of a product.
  • Bad products get found out nowadays – the only way to make sure a product is successful is to make a valuable product.
  • The internet has made all complaints permanent, so you need to respond to them proactively.
  • Only honest marketing works in the word-of-mouth age.
  • Companies need to account for the power of good customer service in overturning the effects of negative word of mouth.
  • Instead of traditional marketing using adverts, companies should look towards more profitable word-of-mouth marketing.
  • For effective word-of-mouth marketing, first identify talkers – the people who will talk about you.
  • Once you have your talkers, give them topics: reasons to talk about your message.
  • Help your message spread faster and further by using “tools” that grab the customers’ attention.
  • Once people are talking, take part in the conversation.
  • Monitor and measure what people are saying about you to understand its effect on your bottom line.
  • Final Summary

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