Online ads

I sometimes take screenshots of ads that I encounter online. Here are some that I was keeping around in a folder.


“Take a tour” is a decent call to action. Using a quote was also a nice touch. I don’t think I clicked through, but the mere-exposure effect is starting to set in.


I think I was curious to click on this one just because the logo was so cute, with the dog. But I bounced pretty quick.




I thought this was pleasing to the eye.

copywriting-stats-for-nerdsThis wasn’t an ad – this is what you get when you right-click on a YouTube video. I thought it was funny. It’s nice to see personality, anywhere.


^ I really liked this one. I was tempted to click through just to learn more about the kind of team that would use a phrase like that in its sales copy.



I think it’s clever to have an ad that says “learn more”, especially when the reader isn’t ready to buy yet. I was curious enough to click through. But I can’t remember what was at the other end, so…

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