This page is a work-in-progress, a list of people that I find helpful in thinking about marketing. 

Seth Godin

He understood why Google Maps wasn’t working, and helped them fix it. Initially it was just about the novelty factor of seeing where your house was, what it looked like from space – but for it to be truly useful to people, to be something people talked about, it needed to really be about directions.

Rory Sutherland

Appreciates that perception = reality.

Elon Musk

Appreciates value of superlatives. Knows how to play the media. Knows how to satisfy his tribe of nerds. Turned buying a luxury supercar into a status symbol AND an act of charity. Made people feel good.

Dietrich Mateschitz

The man behind Red Bull. Very strong personality. Real sense of adventure. Understood pricing. [More: 1]

David Ogilvy

Had a very clear sense of who he wanted to work with, well in advance. Personally wrote some great headlines.

“The customer is your wife” – appreciated that you can’t and shouldn’t screw around with customers.

Science Educators: Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, Michio Kaku, Neil Tyson & Bill Nye

The best science educators have this beautiful sense of wonder about them. They have a low tolerance for bullshit or jargon. They explain things as simply as they can. They respect and honor their audiences, and have a sensitivity to their context. They’re all particularly great with children.

We Stopped Dreaming

Mr. Rogers


Jason Silva, MateusZ

Appreciates the power of spectacle, pacing, rhythm, buildup, etc.

Tim Urban (WaitButWhy), Mark Manson, Evan Pushak (NerdWriter), Bill Wurtz (History of Japan), Paul Ford (What is Code?)

Modern educators, longform writers.

Tim Ferriss, Elliott Hulse

Building a personality-centric brand.

Brian Balfour, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Hiten Shah, Ramit Sethi, Andrew Chen

When these people talk about marketing, I usually pay attention.

Ed Gotham, Tom Albrighton, Dan Shipper 

I’ve liked their blogs.

Greg Ciotti. Noah Kagan. Tim Soulo. Kevan Lee. Courtney Seiter. 

Have encountered their stuff while working.

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