Make sharing effortless


1: Conspicuous consumption: Make using your product highly visible

  • Some products are more discoverable than others. They’re more visible. You notice them, and they stay on your mind. This can be a decisive factor in influencing how people think about these things.
  • “The smoothest viruses, like Hotmail, spread themselves. Just the act of using the product spreads the virus.” – Godin, Ideavirus
    • “Made to show, made to grow”- powered by buttons.
    • Powered by GrooveHQ.
    • “Sent from my iPhone.”
    • “Bumper Sticker Marketing” – ‘I’d rather be driving a macintosh’- taking someone’s private consumption decisions and giving them the opportunity to broadcast it as a part of their identity. I supported X on Kickstarter.
    • Red bottom shoes,
    • livestrong bracelets.
    • iPod made their earphones white, when most were black. Turned something into a status symbol. Louboutins red.
    • IFTTT
    • Hotmail tagline

2: Keep it accessible: Help sharers remember that they can share

  • Capitalizing on triggers. Jonah Berger wrote about this in his book Contagious, talking about Hump Day and Rebecca Black’s Friday. There are certain recurring triggers that people encounter, and if you peg something to one of those triggers, you make it likelier that people will remember your idea- and share it.
  • Keep being seen (retargeting?)

3: Recommend who to share with: Make it easy to spot a good referral opportunity

  • A study on referrals by Advisor Impact.The asked clients how their service providers could help them make more referrals. Overwhelmingly, the answer was to help clients understand how they could help their friends and spot a good referral opportunity. <Lincoln murphy article> <YesGraph mention>

4: Timing is everything- understand the behavior of your audience/customer and ask for the share at the optimum moment.

  • Rebecca Black’s Friday.

5: Facilitate Sharing: If people want to share, make it easy for them to

  • Good default sharing messages. See: Battle For The Net. (link) Help people put into words what they’re thinking/feeling. Upworthy is excellent at doing this with their headlines. (link) We’ll talk more about this in a later chapter. Pushbullet’s notification for Whatsapp.
  • Offer incentives. These don’t necessarily need to be monetary. Make it a game, or give people some sort of social reward. World of Warcraft gives people in-game mounts as rewards for recruiting their friends. We’ll talk about this more in later chapters.
  • Appropriate sharing buttons/cues. The important thing is to make these appropriate and relevant, rather than simply spamming them in every piece of digital real estate you have.
  • Don’t waste too much time optimizing this endlessly, just do the 20% of the things that reduce 80% of the friction. This is more of an overall approach than an afterthought. Good default sharing message, appropriately sharing buttons. Choose the right channels/mediums. You’re better off focusing the bulk of your efforts on 1 and 2.
  • “How easy is it for an end user to spread this particular ideavirus? Can I click one button or mention some magic phrase, or do I have to go through hoops and risk embarrassment to tell someone about it? For example, it’s pretty easy to talk about your hairdresser. Someone tells you you’ve got a great haircut, and you say, “Yeah, I went to Bob at Bumble & Bumble.” On the other hand, spreading the word about your reflexology therapist is pretty tricky. You’re not sure when to bring it up, and you really don’t have words to describe it.” – Godin

3: “The Medium Is The Message”- understand how channels work + consider the Lang Leav effect. #comment About what the best medium is to target the most influential people

  • <img>
  • Word-of-mouth spreads across communication channels.  If you choose the right people, you can figure out what the best channels are. Your choice of channel should follow from your choice of influencers to target. If they’re on Reddit, you go on Reddit. Etc. Be Wow-centric and Person-centric rather that channel-centric.
  • MEDIUM- “In order to move, an idea has to be encapsulated in a medium. It could be a picture, a phrase, a written article, a movie, even a mathematical formula (e=mc2). The Medium used for transmitting the ideavirus determines how smooth it is as well as the velocity of its growth.” – Godin
  • Lang Leav is an incredibly popular poet. Why? She posts really simple, straightforward poems online, and those poems get shared a lot. She’s essentially a poet who writes “straight-to-Tumblr” or “straight-to-Instagram”. And her audience loves it, sharing it, reposting it, @-mentioning their friends. The simplicity of her work is probably quite critical to its popularity.
  • The takeaway here is- when you find out where your target audience hangs out, adapt your content to take full advantage of the medium that they use. Design with the medium in mind, so that it gets shared better.
  • <add a note about Instagram cross posting- leverage other people’s followers?>

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