Clay Christensen- what are we hiring this product to do?

  • Milkshakes. We hire products to do jobs for us. Motivating customers to buy what we’re offering. Market understanding that mirrors how customers experience life.
  • Customers that fit the model of the quintessential milkshake- you want it choclatier, chunkier, cheaper? No impact on profits/sales.
  • What job do you hire a milkshake for? What time, what were they wearing, were they alone? Did they buy other stuff?
  • half the milkshakes sold before 8am, alone, only thing they bought, drove off with it. Long and boring drive to work. “Somebody gave them another hand and they didn’t have anything to do.” Viscous milkshake- 20 minutes to suck it up the thin straw. I’m full all morning, fits in my cupholder.

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