How to reach an inaccessible target market

> How do you reach a target market that is by definition unreachable? Are there tools to help with this?

> Basically, I need to reach people who smoke cannabis, but aren’t really open about it. They enjoy getting high, but they’re not stoners and they don’t post on social media about it or follow stoner IG/Twitter/YouTube accounts. My target market people have good taste and appreciate high quality products. They like to play and be creative.

It’s a bit of an impossible problem. It’s like asking, how do I sell electric cars to people who aren’t really passionate about electric cars?

The answer on both counts is: You always start with the geeks and early adopters.

The mainstream will only catch on after the early adopters (who’re more willing to take risks) have tried it and given it their vote of confidence.

So you’ll have to win over some subset of the social media stoners.

I do think there’s a gap in the marketplace for a really tasteful, classy cannabis product. I haven’t really seen any yet.

But I imagine you’d have to start the same place the rest of them do.

Good luck!

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