How to prioritize what to write for a company blog

> How do you prioritize (or come up with) what topics to write about for ReferralCandy?

Good question. As always, it helps to work backwards from the outcomes we want.

So we ask ourselves…

  • What are the missing content pieces that would give us the most traffic?
  • What would give us the best conversions?
  • What would help the product and support teams do their jobs better?
  • How do we break those massive things down into littler minimum-viable chunks?
  • What are the keywords and search intent that would go into those posts?

That’s a sort of top-down overall view. There are other approaches, too– searching for content in our keyword space and seeing if we can improve on it.

Does that make sense, or did you have something more specific in mind?

To be honest, each of those sentences can probably be expanded into entire blogposts by themselves. I’ll probably make an effort to make my processes more explicit sometime soon.

> Then how do you go about planning your content calendar?

I try to have a mix of content from across the full spectrum of the buyer’s journey– more “pop” stuff (how X company does its word of mouth) for traffic and more specific stuff (how some specific facet of referral marketing works) for conversions.

But beyond that I just try to have us publish as much as we can.

I’ve toyed with the idea of having themed months in the past (eg “storytelling september”), but I don’t quite have the bandwidth to execute something like that while focusing on our main challenges (getting more leads, primarily).

> In theory, how would you envision yourself executing a themed months campaign? And why would those themes be selected as opposed to some others? 

I don’t really have the luxury of thinking about that in too much detail, but I’d probably just do whatever I find most exciting.

Because what I find exciting is something that I’d be eager to tell other people about, and what I’M eager to tell other people about is liable to be something that some other people would be eager to tell OTHER people about.

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