How to get better at marketing

This was my answer to a question asked in person. The FULL answer would be much more vast in scope.

To get better at marketing (or anything else, really) is just a matter of simple experimentation, like secondary school science. You work backwards from the outcome that you want to achieve.

So say you’re the first marketing hire (or the marketing co-founder) at a startup. The first thing you want to do is to work backwards from the money.

Suppose you’re selling t-shirts (I have a side-project selling t-shirts at You want to look at how many you’re selling, how much traffic you’re getting, where that traffic is coming from.

Then you want to think about what you can do to increase traffic– blog, guest post, social media, whatever. You come up with experiments to run– maybe you write 10 blogposts over a couple of weeks.

Then you look at whether your efforts have had any impact on the outcome you’re trying to achieve. If yes, great, you’ll wanna double down. If not, you’ll want to ask why. There’s always a lot of great literature online that will guide you through.

So it’s really just about doing lots of little experiments and learning from them. The hard part is rarely the experimentation itself– it’s staying focused, managing your time effectively, etc. At least, for me.

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