How to be a ‘world-class’ marketer

Answering a question posed to me in person.

The question about world-class is an interesting one to ponder.

To use a sports analogy, if you’re a “pretty good” athlete, you’ve probably got a better shot at winning the 400m hurdles gold than the 100m gold, because the 100m is that much more competitive.

So to get world-class at something, you want to narrow down your skillset into something highly specific and highly in demand. (To get cheesy about it, you’re world-class at being YOU, because you’re the only you there is. But you want to be world-class at something beyond that.)

In my case, I can pretty confidently say that I’m a pretty good content marketing lead. I know how to start a company blog from scratch, come up with an editorial direction, write and publish posts, do distribution, SEO, keyword research, get more traffic, manage other writers, set up lead capture, and flesh out an email drip campaign.

I wasn’t born knowing how to do all those things, though. I started out as a writer, which I developed on my own in my spare time. After getting hired, I was tasked with writing and publishing posts, and basically doing everything I could to grow the blog. So it’s a piecemeal, progressive process.

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