How Can I Help?

By Si Quan Ong (source)

“I’m running behind on my tasks.”

I confessed, feeling embarrassed.

Not being able to complete my tasks on time was not something I was ready to admit…

… Let alone to someone who was more senior in my department.

And to be honest, given some of the horror stories I’ve heard and experienced elsewhere…

I was ready for a lashing.

A bashing alone the lines of “Why are you so incompetent?”

Instead of chiding me, Visakan Veerasamy said immediately:

“How can I help?”

I was surprised.

It was not the reaction I was expecting to get.

Yet, a simple 4 words turned an entire conversation from dread into figuring out the most efficient way of getting things done.

If you’re managing employees, or working with co-workers who seem overwhelmed…

Ask yourself:

“How can you help them? How can you put 2 heads together to make everything more efficient and easier?”

As a company, we’re all in this together.

Helping each other do work more efficiently will help you hit your goals faster.

And as the saying goes:

“We all row faster if we row together.”

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