Growth Hacking 

I don’t feel like it’s even necessary to make a distinction between “growth hackers” and “marketers”.

A growth hacker to me is simply somebody who found a way to acquire more-than-expected number of customers with less-than-expected resources.

It’s like calling yourself a “viral marketer”. Viral is what happens when your work resonates with people and takes off. It’s not something you can manufacture consistently.

As a general rule I think growth hackers are just people who’re better at connecting the dots- either through superior pattern recognition and insight or sheer brute force (or a combination of both). I think of Chamath of Facebook. Giving away $10 per PayPal account was a growth hack. Giving away free Dropbox space was a growth hack. But to call yourself a Growth HackER feels really presumptuous. I’d say it’s a title that others bestow upon you, rather than something you call yourself.

Oh well. Semantics is typically a circlejerk, anyway. Have we gotten to the stage where we get sick of saying that we’re sick of talking about growth hacking, and do some real work? Hope so!

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