evolution of social relations on Facebook

  • An interesting thing to think about. Most of us started using Facebook with no idea how it was actually going to turn out almost 10 years later. When I started Facebook, there was no newsfeed. People would send friend requests to pretty much every last acquaintance.
  • Before Facebook there was MSN Messenger, ICQ, etc. It made sense to add everybody you knew, and even people you didn’t really know, because you never know when it might be useful to have access to somebody that you talk to maybe 0.1% of the time. LinkedIn still works like this. There is almost no cost to accepting a LinkedIn friend request, it makes it likelier that you’ll have a connection to anybody you want to be connected to.
  • Status updates were a new thing.
  • News feed/mini feed. Real-time stream. Pages. You might like a band, but you might not be interested in getting updates from them.
  • Then comes the Ticker. Facebook progressively began to realize that people love receiving updates about what everybody else is up to.
  • Wall -> Timeline
  • subscribe/follow

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