Everything big started out small

We often look at oak trees and struggle to realize that they started out as acorns.

Uber started as Ubercab, a luxury cab service for the rich. Now, they’re operating in the space that regular taxicabs do. And soon they’ll create a whole new market with driverless cars.

Apple started out selling hardware for hobbyists, and it didn’t even come with a case.

Microsoft started out selling some obscure Basic interpreter for the Altair.

Facebook started out as a way for college students to stalk one another online.

Tesla started out selling modified Lotuses – sports cars for the very wealthy. Their goal is to make an affordable electric car for the masses.

3M started out selling sandpaper.

If you want to make it big, you have to start by dominating a small niche first.

What niche could you be dominating?

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