Start by dominating a niche


  • 1: First identify who exactly you want the Wow to happen for- Facebook was for Harvard students
  • “People are not one amorphous mass. We’re self-organized into groups that have several things in common: a way to communicate among ourselves; spoken or unspoken rules and standards; a common history; fashion leaders. Some examples: Fraternity brothers at a college, orthodox Jews, readers of Fast Company, Deadheads.” – Seth Godin
  • Here’s a very counter-intuitive truth: everything that is incredibly popular and commonplace now was at some point meant for a very small group of people. Consider the first airplane, the first automobile. The first school. The first bottle of Coca-Cola. Facebook was for college students. Napster got popular among college students. MySpace was for bands.
  • Nobody started on day 1 with crazy-widespread adoption.
  • You can’t Wow everyone. You must choose or lose. Look for early adopters, people with taste, people with a problem that desperately needs solving.

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