eg. if a blogpost involved 2 other writers + design, and had a hard deadline, how do you reconcile the timeline?

first I try to come up with something that will let me ship it passably even if say all 3 of them mysteriously disappeared

next I give them a deadline that is a few days earlier than the actual deadline

and I check in on them every day to see how progress is going, and offer help/suggestions

and at a meta level I try to avoid having blogposts with hard deadlines that are contingent on other people’s input to begin with, ie I collect all of the inputs I can ahead of time if possible, and build up a queue of passable content in the interim

despite all of this there will always be some things that miss the planned deadline, because we tend to have ambitious deadlines to begin with

how’s that worked out so far?

about as well as it can, I think. the bottleneck is my own inefficiency

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