content marketing thoughts


  • Have a purpose and an opinion
    • less stupid
    • less bullshit
    • less noise
    • more useful
    • more personality
  • Commit to daily creation (20 mins pure creation/day)
  • Keep an idea scratchpad
  • Clients/customers asking you a question (others may have the same question).
  • Learning something new that relates to your work.
  • Interesting conversations you have with industry peers or clients.
  • A known pain point or common struggle in your type of work.
  • Making a mistake that you hope others won’t make, too.
  • The inside scoop, back story, or behind-the-scenes of what you do or make.
  • Talking about how people use your product or service.
  • Writing case studies or success stories about previous customers.
  • Get personal
  • Any given topic may have already been written about by someone else, but it has never been written from your perspective. Bring up a unique or personal perspective on the subject. Say something about it that relates to your journey, or to the type of people in your audience.
  • Make outlines first
  • Pre-write

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