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One of the best blogposts I’ve written in my life is An Epic List Of 47 Referral Programs, where I simply curated several pages worth of Google results. I thought I’d try to do the same thing here.

I’m a content marketer, I’m based in Singapore, and if you’re interested in chatting about content marketing you can hit me up.

Let’s start with an overview of the Google search results.

SBR – Why Singaporean businesses fail at content marketing [2013] , by Graeme Somerville–Ryan

  • No strategy
  • No friends
  • Not interesting
  • Short-term

TIA – Asia hasn’t realized the potential of content marketing. Here’s why. [2016], by Carmelo Hannity

  • Content marketing has been growing slowly but steadily [source]

What’s holding Asia’s businesses back from content marketing? by Andrea Edwards

Now this looks like a meaty post.

  1. Lack of understanding
  2. Lack of obvious/clear ROI
  3. “Selling & Telling” – looks like a point about lack of emotion
  4. ‘Hierarchy & Egos’ – erm…?
  5. C-level buy-in –
  6. Global, Regional, Local – point about lack of localized content
  7. ‘Social media, social selling sophistication’
  8. Current agency model being disrupted

I don’t want to reinterpret the post too much – I think it’s primarily focused on large, existing brands, while I’m primarily familiar with new and growing tech startups. Will have to talk to some agency friends to get a better sense of how larger companies work.

A couple of other links:

  1.  – people struggle with no strategy, inability to produce quantity, inability to produce quantity.

Let’s look at the list of content marketing agencies that Google throws up.

Last updated Dec 2016 – I’ve left out anybody who hasn’t updated in over a year.

Click2View – still active, look like fun folk. Apparently have their own craft beer called Click2Brew.

Proof Perfect based in Kampong Bahru. Updated recently. Their Facebook Page is “SingaporeCopywriters” – well played!

Mutant based in Telok Ayer. Updated recently.

King Content – part of a global brand, acquired by Isentia.  and are both based in Blk 79…




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