Everything Worth Knowing About Jeff Bezos #vvmarketing 1: Yegge Rant 1: 2: Yegge Response To Rant:

Emma Coats’ 22 Rules Of Storytelling

Emma Coats is a storyteller who used to work at Pixar. In 2012, she wrote a series of tweets with the hashtag #storybasics. I


I’ll populate this one with my favorite posts, I guess.

Boz *Changing The World [2009] * Face

Jonah Berger

How to put together a successful customer referral program — jonah berger (@j1berger) December 17

Sheryl Sandberg speech at Harvard Business School 2012

Full transcript World is becoming more connected and less hierarchical. Everybody has a voice, etc. Traditional career paths a


The Real Life Social Network v2 from Paul Adams Social Design Principles from Paul Adams Paul Adams Keynote from Mind The Prod


Elon Musk is always talked about as a tech/engineering/business type genius. He’s also a PR/marketing genius: Post by Th

Gladwell htt


 “Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right.”  “If you want something new, you have to stop d

Tobi Keynote at AccelerateOTT

  Air Jordan sneakers When I was 13 in some middle school in the middle of Germany- became aware of what was going on aro

Robin Sharma

I enjoyed The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari way more than I expected to. The biggest difference Sharma made for me was his perspec


Socialists don’t believe in fun Politics and the english


David Ogilvy Confessions of an Advertising Man is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It took me a long time to get ar