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Indian Copywriting

When I visited India last year with my parents and wife, one thing that stood out to me over and over again was the subtle way in which copywriting in India was different from copywriting in Singapore or the USA.

Here are some examples:




Can you sense it? I might need to list out more examples to really capture it. A couple of points I’ve noticed:

  1. There’s this unabashed, straightforward aspiration for ‘the good life’ – the premium life, privileges, high-status.
  2. There’s a sense of cuteness.

I’m remembering now there’s a magazine that had an ad that said something like “your intellectual indulgence”. That phrase is something I can’t see being used either in the US or in SG. There’s a sort of seductive intimacy to it.

I’ll add more examples as I encounter them.

Virgin Airlines Dancing Safety Video


A strange bias that people tend to have when working on “important” things is to think that things need to be sombre, serious, boring. The problem is that we’re simply not wired to pay attention to things that bore us, even if they’re important.

So be interesting. Have fun. If people aren’t paying attention to something, give it a twist and mix in some fun. Do it differently. Check out Shopify’s Terms Of Service, for example.

Also, humans seem to be intrinsically won over by synchronized dancing, if done well. There’s just something about it that appeals to everyone. You can’t stop watching. It might be as simple as “visual interest”.


1- Apple’s MVP:

2- Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone in 2007:

Very interesting to pay attention to his storytelling style. There’s a lot of setup. Expectation management. 2×2 matrix.

Apple Watch thoughts:

Wonder why they didn’t call it the iWatch. Maybe iWatch just looks ugly.

I feel like Jony Ive should be the face of the brand, not Tim Cook.

Tim Cook became a lot cooler after he came out openly. Interesting to think about why that is. Something about personality, and something about being willing+able to take a strong view on something that’s mildly controversial now but will “obviously” be the status quo in a while.

Uber’s Six Personas

If you spend some time on Uber’s landing page, you get a pretty good sense of their various target personas.

1: Moving People (generic proposition)uber-moving-people

2: Getting More (convenience- working moms?)uber-getting-more

3: Treating yourself (impress your date)


4: Owning The Moment (feel like a boss + impress your network)uber-owning-the-moment

5: Sharing Experiences (impress your friends)uber-sharing-experiences

6: Creating Escapes (get away, you busy CEO you)


Read about Uber’s Mission Statement or about how Uber has grown over the years.