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I love Tesla. It’s a brand that gets me really excited about the future. I’ve written about it several times for the ReferralCandy blog:

I love their press releases. I love what they do in response to fires. I love their policies. It’s just all marketing genius, and it’s something that deserves great marketing. I’m happy and excited to give Tesla all the free marketing I can.

What it’s like to own a Tesla Model S


Pixar knows how to tell a goddamn story. I’ve read some criticisms and suggestions that they might be losing their edge, but damn son, they’ve had a hell of a run.

I’m a big fan of their Braintrust.

I’m a big fan of the 22 storytelling principles, by Emma Coats.

I’m a big fan of Andrew Stanton’s TEDtalk, The Clues To A Great Story.


I’m a big fan of their culture doc. I think the important thing they do there is be premptive about firing people.

I’ve spent many hours enjoying the shows they produce. I’m currently watching Designated Survivor, Breaking Bad. Previously watched Narcos, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage. Hours and hours spent on Netflix. It’s fast, reliable, has subtitles.


It’s just the best streaming thing I’ve heard of, it just works. But there’s a lot of stuff with it that could definitely be better. I’m a fan of their engineering doc.


I know a lot of people have a lot of nasty things to say about Uber. I have to say this though – they’ve never disappointed me as a service. Uber has gotten me home reliably and consistently over and over again. I’ve spent a lot of money with them by now, though I’m not sure how much goes to the brand and how much goes to the driver(s). But that’s the thing about customer lifetime value, isn’t it?


Google is the real MVP. We just use it all the time and not thing about it. I’m typing this in wordpress in Google Chrome.


I don’t think I’ll ever actually spend the money on a Harley-Davidson motorbike, but I admire the brand. I admire their ability to communicate such a strong personality.


I’ve never really been huge on Disney movies, I think, but credit is definitely due. Like Harley Davidson, Disney has this powerful brand that transcends everything. And a lot of it is directly derived from the spirit of the founder, Walt Disney.


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