Brand Archetypes


There are 12 brand archetypes.


Innocent (Safety)– McDonald’s… Barbie? Wii

To be happy, simply. Dalai Lama. Winnie the Pooh.

Sage (Empathy) – National Geographic, Economist, Google, BBC, WSJ

Trustworthy, wise. Plato. Aristotle. Socrates. The Oracle.

Explorer (Freedom) – GoPro, The North Face, Johnnie Walker, Jeep, Red Bull, Land Rover, Corona

Marco Polo. Neil Armstrong. Wanting to go somewhere new. Travel. See the world.

Outlaw (Liberation) – Harley Davidson, Marlboro, Levi’s, Diesel, Ray Ban’s

Rules are meant to be broken. Clint Eastwood. Top Gun. The Joker? Jack Sparrow?

Magician (Power?)– Disney, Lululemon(?),

It can happen! Houdini, Walt Disney. David Copperfield. Tell a story.

Apple is more creator than magician. Steve Jobs did admire Walt Disney but also Edwin Land, the Polaroid guy. Magician and Creator seem to intertwine (creation is magic, magic is creation)

Hero (Mastery)– Nike, Duracell, FedEx(?), Under Armour

Michael Jordan. Adventurous, brave. Rocky…? Wanting to overcome. Warrior mindset.

Red Bull is more Explorer than Hero, because extreme sports, because wings.

Lover (Pleasure) – Victoria’s Secret, Magnum, Haagen Daz, Chanel, Bailey’s, Godiva

Desirable, sexy. Intimacy. Marilyn Monroe. Catwoman.

Jester (Fun, enjoyment) – Old Spice, M&Ms, Taco Bell(?), Lyft(?)

Fun, Playful. Charlie Chaplin. Jim Carrey.

Everyman (Belonging) – IKEA, VISA, Coke?, Volkswagen(?), Ben&Jerry’s, Volvo, KFC? Muji, Kit Kat, Airbnb?, Starbucks?

Connection with others. Captain America…? Ted Mosby

Caregiver (Service) – P&G, Colgate, Johnson&Johnson, Ford, Dove, Campbell’s

Generous, caring. Protect people from harm…

Ruler (Control) – Rolex, Hugo Boss(?), Mercedes, AMEX?

In control, assertive. Louis XIV. The Godfather.

Creator (Innovation) – Apple, Lego, Canon, Adobe, Dyson

Edison. Tesla. Benjamin Franklin. Make something that matters. Tony Stark?

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