A marketer’s frustrations


I never thought I’d actually become a marketer. At one point, my goal in life was to become a flight steward to pay the bills, and I thought I’d write essays and short stories in quaint little cafes in Europe.

And then I got hired to do marketing for a tech startup, and life has taken a turn for the interesting. Because people are weird.

I wrote my last post about Thought Leadership because I was frustrated with the idea that there was a guide on how to BRAND yourself as a thought leader, and that was being shared. Because then what happens if people follow that advice? We have a whole bunch of people who brand themselves as thought leaders. Why can’t we just focus on the thinking? Maybe because the thinking part is the hard part.

The same thing replicates itself all over the Internet. There are Tweet chats- #blogchat, #smchat and all sorts of chats- where people talk about things like, what sort of font size should you use on your blog? What sort of background, what sort of color? It’s really quite odd.

In a blogpost titled “How to Get 247% More People to Read Your Content”, Neil talks about how, according to Harvard Business Review, conversations produce oxytocin, encouraging people to feel more open, trust you more, and feel a personal connection with you.

“When you have a conversation with your readers, they release more oxytocin, which makes them feel more open, trust you more, and feel a personal connection with you. This encourages them to read your content and even participate by commenting.”

Does anybody else feel weirded out by that?

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