Monthly Archives: November 2016

Marketing case studies

Real time marketing

Oreo Superbowl 2013
Samsung Oscars 2014

Culture Manipulation / Need Creation

Diamonds Are Forever
Consider The Lobster
Don’t Mess With Texas
Tulip Mania – conrad gessner poem
Aeron Chairs

exploiting new medium

Will It Blend?
2008 Obama Presidential Campaign
High School Musical / Disney / Myspace (?)


Red Bull Stratos
Victoria’s Secret Fashion
Apple Keynotes

Owning a space

Hacker News for YCombinator
Open by American Express

Referral Marketing


Catchy Slogans

Clairol Does she… or doesn’t she?
Tastes good like a cigarette should
Got Milk
It’s toasted
Campbell Soup
Just Do It
Nothing comes between me and my Calvins

Content Marketing

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
IKEA catalogues / showrooms
Red Bulletin
Lego Lego Club Magazine
Kraft Food & Family Magazine
P&G Home Made Simple


“Dove “”Real Beauty Sketches””””

Guiness – Phones down
Chipotle – The Scarecrow

Streisand Effect

Martha Payne girl who took pictures,


Sony Bottled Water
British Airways Interactive Billboard
Proshade offering to sponsor heritage
Taco Bell buys Liberty Bell

Social Media Marketing

Oreo Daily Twist
General Electric
Michael Kors
Whopper sacrifice friends
Grey Poupon
Lays’ Do Us A Flavor

Catchy / Funny / Entertaining

Evian – Baby & Me
Dumb Ways To Die
Volvo Trucks
“dollar shave club”
Old Spice

Guerilla Marketing

Blair Witch Project
Grand Theft Auto V
Best Job In The World


Climate change suffers from bad branding. While serious, it sounds trivial….
Feminism “Homophobia”. is unfortunately a semantically poisoned word….
Gasoline Cars. People used to argue about the definition of “autocar”, etc.

Goldieblox – Princess Machines Innovative product
Pantene – Labels against women Inspiring / Idealistic
Coke – America The Beautiful Idealistic / controversial / remarkable / shareworthy
P&G Inspiring / shareworthy
Apple – 1984 Picks a side
Think Small Unexpected focus
Avis – we try harder unexpected focus
Goodyear Blimp Colonized headspace
In Rainbows, Radiohead Unorthodox pricing / radical transparency
Louis CK Unorthodox pricing / radical transparency
Buffer Radical transparency
GrooveHQ Radical transparency
The Marlboro Man Aspirational
Mentos the Freshmaker Memorable / Funny
Black Milk Leggings Tribe-focused / Niche Centric
GoldieBlox – Princess Machines Tribe-focused / Niche Centric
Sisterhood travelling pants Tribe-focused / Niche Centric
Facebook Word of mouth
Google Word of Mouth
Little Miss Matched Word of Mouth
Zappos Word of Mouth
Nutella Obsessive Product Focus
Ron Popeil Obsessive Product Focus
Charles Atlas Hero’s Narrative
Tesla Motors Innovative product -> Word of mouth
Dr. Martens (?) Cultural zietgeist
Mary Kay Cosmetics Network Marketing, Pink Cadillacs

Everything big started out small

We often look at oak trees and struggle to realize that they started out as acorns.

Uber started as Ubercab, a luxury cab service for the rich. Now, they’re operating in the space that regular taxicabs do. And soon they’ll create a whole new market with driverless cars.

Apple started out selling hardware for hobbyists, and it didn’t even come with a case.

Microsoft started out selling some obscure Basic interpreter for the Altair.

Facebook started out as a way for college students to stalk one another online.

Tesla started out selling modified Lotuses – sports cars for the very wealthy. Their goal is to make an affordable electric car for the masses.

3M started out selling sandpaper.

If you want to make it big, you have to start by dominating a small niche first.

What niche could you be dominating?