Sernovitz WOM

What’s in it for me: get your customers to do your marketing for you. The internet means consumers have a powerful say in th

Businesses when small

Whole Foods  Samuel Adams  Ben & Jerry’s  Recruiting, 2  Sales Product Focus  Online Ad Spend Capital

Marketer’s Curse

I was having a passionate argument with my colleagues about the intricacies of our landing page. What inspires a click more, a

Social Media

I’m a pretty heavy social media user, and I’m very curious about what’s up. Nathan Jurgenson has done some v

Best marketing campaigns

WIP How Warby Parker hijacked New York Fashion Week How Red Bull completely sponsors entire sporting events and does crazy stu

Different scales of marketing

There are several scales of marketing, so it’s actually pretty disingenuous and unfair to talk about marketing as if it&

It all begins with product-market fit

WIP If you ask successful people why they’re successful, they might not actually know the truth. (Spray Tan Fallacy.) Th

Faster Horses

WIP “if I asked ppl what they want, they say they want faster horses”- well- what they want is to go across the st


WIP This is going to be fun. I’m Visa, I’m ReferralCandy’s blog design. And you might know Desmond as the de

A marketer’s frustrations

WIP I never thought I’d actually become a marketer. At one point, my goal in life was to become a flight steward to pay

Marketers can be weird (and sad)

WIP I’m a marketer myself, and I like the idea of marketing. But I think a ton of us have got it wrong. And the end resu

“Social” Commerce

WIP It’s very, very interesting to me to see how “social shopping” and “social commerce” have em

Weird Al

I once wanted to write a blogpost about marketing lessons from Weird Al. Here are some quick notes. Be different – When eve

“Anybody can be a social media manager”

“How, then, does one differentiate between an expert and the more than 800 million amateurs who log into Facebook each d

A list of SaaS marketing tools I’ve used

Work-in-progress. Here’s an incomplete list of tools I’ve used as a SaaS marketer: Content WordPress. I have a lov

History of Growth Hacking

Quick timeline of Growth Hacking phenomena 2010 2010 Dropbox growth lead Sean Ellis coined the term- find a growth hacker for


Fred Wilson vs Marketing, 2011 Marketing is for companies who have sucky products. If you b