Brand Archetypes

WIP There are 12 brand archetypes. Innocent (Safety)– McDonald’s… Barbie? Wii To be happy, simply. Dalai Lama. W

Unique Selling Propositions

WIP, to be updated later “I teach people how to hit a golf ball as straight as they can point, or the lesson’s fre

Brand Stories

Rain Shadow Meats, a butcher in Seattle, makes it clear they understand the history of being a butcher. Their fresh meats, ope

The Lang Leav Effect

Lang Leav is underappreciated as a marketer. She’s a digital-first poet. She makes her poetry very easy to share via Tum

Don’t try to “Build Your Brand”, just help people

WIP I think content marketing with the intention of “building brand recognition” is a little too nebulous, too vague. I th

Referral Marketing FAQs

WIP How to ensure referral program branding fits your band How to write great emails asking for referrals How to set up referr

Make sharing effortless

WIP 1: Conspicuous consumption: Make using your product highly visible Some products are more discoverable than others. They&#

Work with influencers

WIP 1: Influencer Marketing: Identify the most influential/significant people in your niche. Beats at Olympics When we think a

Work with the press

WIP PR/Press: Work backwards from the share- identify the relevant motivation, and emphasize out. Consider the Ice Bucket Chal

Tell Stories

WIP Story: 3. Wow Them With Great Story: Contour lost to GoPro because of GoPro’s superior storytelling Made to stick: c

Unexpected Utility

WIP Your product should functionally solve some problem for some subset of people to an unexpected degree.  Practical value.

Start by dominating a niche

WIP 1: First identify who exactly you want the Wow to happen for- Facebook was for Harvard students “People are not one

The most important thing about marketing

WIP The most important thing about marketing #vvmarketing The most important thing about marketing Conclusion: the most import

Marketing Learnings

WIP Immediately smack them in the face with the meatiest bit. Tell it straight. People don’t have time for smartassery. Smar

How To Social Media

WIP Everyone should have a Twitter profile. It’s even more ubiquitous than email. It’s an environment that allows