Nate Bagley, A single guy who quit his job and spent the last year crossing the country, interviewing over 100 of America̵


I didn’t worry much about¬†SEO when I was starting out as a blogger, but over the years I’ve noticed that some thi


How is P&G’s marketing different from a startup’s? Why is content curation so crappy? What are the different w

Missing the point

I never thought I’d actually become a marketer. At one point, my goal in life was to become a flight steward to pay the

Perverse incentives in marketing

Marketers Can Be Weird (And Kinda Sad) #VVmarketing I’m a marketer myself, and I like the idea of marketing. But I think


Everything Worth Knowing About Jeff Bezos #vvmarketing 1: Yegge Rant 1: 2: Yegge Response To Rant:


Sharing Why do people share? How do people share? What should retailers understand about sharing, and how can they use it to i


Jobs iPhone #VVmarketing http://

Evolution of ‘social commerce’

It’s very, very interesting to me to see how “social shopping” and “social commerce” have emerge

evolution of social relations on Facebook

An interesting thing to think about. Most of us started using Facebook with no idea how it was actually going to turn out almo

prescriptive thoughts about social media

visa’s prescriptive thoughts about social media #VVmarketing Everyone should have a Twitter profile. It’s even mor

The marketer’s curse

The idea here is that marketers get into marketing because we have taste. We care about messaging, about how things are crafte

The customer is an abstraction

The phrase “The Customer Is Always Right” is such an overused phrase that we don’t think very much about it.