Experiment #1 – 10x Blog Traffic

This blog currently gets between 4 and 25 sessions a week.


The most popular post are “Uber’s Six Personas“, followed by “Tobi Keynote at AccelerateOTT“, “Ev Williams – XOXO, About, In Praise of Airbnb’s MarketingNipples, and Death Is The Most Certain Possibility.”

My goal is to increase this to between 40 – 250 sessions per week by the end of January 2017.

To 10x my traffic.

Of course, 10x-ing is easy to do when you’re just starting out.

But let’s just demonstrate that it’s doable.

After all, if it’s easy to do, why haven’t I done it already?

Constraints (or “Challenges”):

  • Limited time. I can only work on this for a couple of days now, and over the
  • weekends.
  • Limited resources. I’m not going to spend any money on Facebook ads or anything of the sort.
  • Lack of established brand. This means I don’t get free attention, but I think this is actually more of a pro than a con for the sake of this experiment.
  • Saturated market. Lots of people blog about marketing. Breaking through is going to require me to cut into a more precise niche.

Non-constraints (or “Opportunities”):

I can publish absolutely anything I like. I can publish stuff about sex, porn, drugs (all of which I find legitimately interesting.)

I can publish a lot of posts at one go. I think this is going to be a quick and easy way to get a lot of traffic at the start. I’m going to publish a bunch of things with keywords that I find interesting.

Question: Should I do some keyword research first, or should I just go with what I’m personally interested in?

Keyword research is probably the smart thing to do, but for the sake of experiment (and laziness) let’s first test the null hypothesis and see what happens when you work on a blog by trusting your intuition.

I’d like to believe that I’ve developed a bit of a good sense over the years, but maybe I’m completely wrong about that. Let’s test it and see.

The first thing I’m going to do is to publish as many “short posts” that I can in the next couple of days, with some gut-instinct choices for keywords and titles. Let’s try and do, say, 100 posts. Of… 100-300 words each? Okay, that might take a little longer than I’d like. Let’s do 50 posts.

I’ll update this post as I think about what to publish, and I’ll measure how long it takes me to publish each post.

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