I think one of the things that keeps me procrastinating is the fact that I have this long history of unfulfilled promises. I’ve decided that I’m going to go back and fulfill those that I made to myself.

# Death and Life of Great American Cities

# Help correct misperceptions

# Tipping Point

# Evolution of Co-operation

# The Myth Of Self-Esteem

# Asymmetrical Warfare – There are two kinds of warfare, asymmetrical and stupid. If you want to win, you have to play “dirty”. There are some things that are currently accepted as dirty. These are tactics that people are familiar with, have internalized and decisively decided are wrong. But there are also tactics that people have not yet considered. [ Choose your battles wisely. Check yourself. Choose the battlefield, weapons, circumstances. ]

# Resourcefulness –

# EQ – I had very little of it as a child, and I think I still have less EQ than most people. (Or rather, I think it’s healthier for me to assume that I have a lower rather than higher EQ.) The most important skill. We cannot separate emotions from thoughts, despite what ‘common sense’ might make you think. [Personal dynamics. Interpersonal dynamics. Social dynamics.] – Awareness and mastery.

Wow, I really wanted to write this, and I regularly didn’t.

# Mutually Beneficial Outcomes. This took me a long time to appreciate, and it’s also tremendously under-appreciated by… almost everybody, apparently. I think it has to do with the fact that neither parents nor teachers teach kids to negotiate. You simply accept what is handed to you.

# Phase-cycling is the simple idea that…

# Exformation is a measure of data that is discarded.

# Intelligent problem resolution

# What I learnt from Save vs Smile.

# Heat Model Of Change

# My Drawings

# My Journaling

# Going Meta

# Show Don’t Tell

# Talking About Game (?)

# Sketch of Sketches

# There are patterns to my illness

# Writing Challenge – Memoirs / Summaries

# Internalize 4HWW

# Cannibalize Men’s Health Magazines

# Hero – what does it mean, why did I bother? Defining the hero. Crucible of the hero. Burden of the hero. Are heroes born or made? Hero vs NPC. Greeks? Idea that only gods had consciousness? Prometheus, Odysseus. Monmyth. Hero’s journey. Why so effective? People relate to them.

# Inspiration posts

# Art Of War

# The Prince

# Do not fear failure. Thank people for their responses, for pointing out your mistakes and inconsistencies that you had previously not considered. You now have something to work on. Thanks, seriously.

# Plan training schedule for 20km

# Declutter books -> Sell

# Problem solving = opportunity

# Action / Reflection

# Value of research

# Extensive / Intensive

# 2.4km / 5km / 21km (14 weeks to do 21km! Same as A levels. Important to chunk into littler things. Far away = never going to happen.)

# Blog like a bitch

# Guitar Lessons

# Take Ferriss’s advice on running

# 30 day challenges

Drawing – perspectives / sharing / portraits / economy of lines

Music – soloing: phrases / technical skill / fretboard comfort
Rhythm – Accents, timing, dynamics
Vocals – Vibrato

Social Skills – listening, negotiation, flattery, conflict resolution, courtier

Speaking skills – Pitch / tone / timbre / hands / public speaking

Writing – vocabulary / phrasing / economy / tone+purpose / show, don’t tell

# How to lose friends

# How to deal with solitude

# How to become a musician? How to manage artists– teach them to manage themselves. How to organize gigs, how to boost gig attendance? How to boost S-league attendence? How to raise awareness and make it stick? Sell music eventually.  How to survive gigs and not be a douche.

# Why arguments are pointless

# Cool sites you should check out

# smoking

# verbal persuasion

# masturbation – used to do it a lot. Why? It was calming. What did I need calming for?

# Stuff they don’t teach in school – personal finances? Market to schools (VS)

# Systems book proposal? First need to be influential internationally.

# How to make friends

# Virtue

# Emotional Mastery

# Analyse top posts

# Transcending mediocrity / Getting Things Done

# Quest for power influence – Empower others! What’s in it for you? How can I help and glorify you? Because you are the star, not me. By empowering you I empower myself.

# Share Knowledge – What works, what I’m good at. What doesn’t, what I’ve learnt from.

# Sculpting Singapore Project

# Shape the world project

# Local arts / music / sports / theater

# Legion of Heroes project

# Immersion

# Build a community of individuals – – young men, underachievers, retainees. 17-22 years old. Familiar with video games, a bit of myth/legend/classics. Focus on personal development, self-actualization, using the imagery+metaphor of the hero’s journey.

# Appreciation for philosophy, thought, learning, virtue, management, success, reading, effective habits, emotional mastery/resilience, creativity/imagination.

# Life is the ultimate RPG

# Autobiography of ideas

# Things that make me angry

# Sleep – I slept 13 hours as a duty storeman.

# What I’ve learnt / accomplished / failed at in 40 weeks

# Build routines – daily, weekly, etc.

# Others-awareness & Interpersonal savvy

# Resource management

# Mindfulness practice. Start serious reflection / meditation. Blog + tidy up.

# Revise – power, fitness, summarized books, collate statistics (?), Statement/CAVE, Finances, Swim, Driver’s license, Drink water, avoid ulcers, bonjela, sleeping late, falling sick, wasting time online

# think. transcend. mortality. humility. chance favors the connected. be as connected as possible (get out there and know people!). play as many hands as possible.

erudition – open mind, intellectual curiositiy, desire to probe the ideas of others. be dissatisfied with your own knowledge. voltaire, da vinci.

# catalog



# What I want

# Da Vinci ?

# 7 Sins

# Happily Ever After – The Aftermath

# Write a Singaporean love story

# Guide out of mediocrity for the underachieving gifted

# Sell music eventually

# swim

# dance

# run 5km

# better shades

# examples of my routines

# why I believe in people

# odysseus

# importance of logic

# behavioral change– what works, what doesn’t? Let’s write down our behaviors.

# how to build a tribe. why? loneliness.

# brain optimization

# inspire and influence your subconscious

# the most important thing is to figure out what’s the most important thing, and then execute that. How to decide? GTD? Resistance?

# improving your brand storytelling to get to the next level

# marketing should inspire your team, not just your customers. “growthhack your growthhackers” – P&G, Apple, Pepsi – called parents, marketing is about the creation of a customer. Make value. Precise.

# newsworthiness

# most important marketing superpower?

# content that actually matters? What actually matters? Human flourishing at the most fundemental level. Literacy and education and water for all.

# vitamins vs painkillers is stupid. Ups, downs, narcotics, painkillers.

# mindfulness. Stress reduction. Health. Awe. Beauty. Time, the most precious resource.

# X effect helped me. Keeping something in your wallet is quite powerful. Twitter is incredible. Quora/Medium are good things. Workflowy. Evernote. Pomodoro.

# Hardware, biotech, 23&me. Cooking. Good sleep. Programming. Data-mining.


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