0683 – if writing is important to you, write.

I had a thought recently that’s been sticking with me. Which is – if writing is as important to me as I say it is, why don

0668 – consider: tempo and time-scales of writing

So I’ve been thinking about this for some time and it’s starting to come together for me now. I enjoy writing in m

0652 – write on your commutes

Commute vomit! I haven’t done one of these in a while. I find myself feeling like I don’t have enough time. Time i

0589 – keep on writing

I read something yesterday that reminded me of what I want to be doing with my life. It was an article about how sometimes pro

0582 – think strategicially about writing projects

While I haven’t been writing, I’ve definitely been doing a lot of thinking – at least subconsciously, or semi-co

0549 – write true sentences

What does it take to write a piece of fiction? You have to start with something. You could start with a person, or perhaps a p

0546 – the future of my words

Some writing comes more easily than others. Some writing requires cross-referencing with other work, and that’s always a

0543 – writing as joyful self-correspondence

I suspect that I might have already written a word vomit about this but another one won’t hurt, since I’ve found m

0533 – the next steps of my writing journey

(started 13nov2015) I love the winds we get at the end of the year. They’re so calming, refreshing, and a little melanch

0521 – next steps for writing and work

The last vomit ended with “I have not answered the central question”. Probably because I didn’t ask it clear

0517 – writing for a richer experience of reality

I wrote two vomits earlier– first about my goals for 2016 (get physically stronger + write daily + review daily + do more de

0508 – writing publicly again

I published my last word vomit on Nov 21, and it was something a little different– dialogue practice. I haven’t publis

0505 – troubleshooting stories, pt 2

A: Where were we? B: We were troubleshooting your first story. It’s about growing up, and how that requires losing your

0503 – troubleshooting my first story

A: I’ve been thinking. B: That’s usually a good idea. A: I’m pretty happy that I’ve done over 500 word

0495 – 5 away from 0500 while revisiting 1 to 0050s

495, that’s the number of the address of my childhood home. It’s always interesting to me how things grow and wane

0493 – suspend judgement of low-res work, increase resolution through practice

I’m writing this one while I’m on the train, taking the Green line (east-west) from my workplace to my parent̵

0474 – “Do you have any writing advice?”

This post was written direct to Medium. For you? Of course! 🙂 Before anything else, you have to know what you want to say.

0465 – the world doesn’t need another personal development blog

I’ve been trying out this new voice-to-text app on my phone, and it’s pretty fun. It’s not 100% perfect, and

0464 – experiment with different mediums

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into the “Writing For Medium” game. I know it’s a little late, but it st

0440 – reading old vomits (and thoughts for new ones)

Second set of things on my mind– thoughts while re-reading old word vomits. The first and most pressing thought is that I

0433 – evolving the 1000wordvomits project

I’m recognizing an increasing need, or feeling of need, to re-read my vomits and to start editing them properly. This fe

0422 – reconfiguring things to become a better writer

I have a recurring thought that’s hard to shake, and yet hard to do very much about. I don’t think it should be shaken. In

0411 – writing aspirationally

I’m currently reading ‘The News, A User’s Manual’ by Alain de Botton, the guy who gave a TED talk abou

0409 – emotion in writing

I’m tired and sleepy, but I need to get a vomit done. I don’t feel like I can freeball it completely, so I’m

0373 – revisiting the origin (of the word vomit project)

I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of questions. My first question is to do with these vomits. Why am I writing these? It̵

0367 – history of my writing journey

I’ve always loved words. [1] I grew up reading books. My parents tried to be kind and loving to me, and one of the ways

0347 – writing games

I’ve decided to go through my workflowy (which is a sort of grabbag of thoughts and reminders and todos that I have) and

0315 – sorta starting from scratch, managing the mind

Every so often it helps to start from scratch. What do I really want to be doing? What am I really all about? What should I be

0314 – writing when tired, little rubbish piles

I wrote that last post– 0313– right after lunch, while in a food coma of sorts. I would’ve typically much rather hav

0313 – tenative thoughts about content labor and process management

There’s an idea that’s been swirling in my mind for quite some time. The adjacent ideas are “writer’s

0244 – reminder that writing is therapy

I’m literally sick, with a cough and a flu of some sort. It’s kind of odd that after 20++ years I still completely

0217 – frustration and writing

I want to talk about the relationship between frustration and writing, although the real reason I sat down to write this was t

0181 – Writing Wet And Dry

The following is a post that I wrote on Aug 6 2014. It had only 750+ words, which wasn’t enough for my arbitrary standar

0157 – Reboot (April)

This post was written in April but incomplete, unfinished and unpublished. I haven’t done a proper word vomit in over a

0155 – write to solve your own problems

A blog is a thinking tool. Anytime you write your thoughts anywhere, you’re forced to make your thoughts more precise. T

0148 – becoming a better writer

This post was started in Jan 2014, and completed today. My blog started out as a random cache of brain farts and rants, and I

0118 – What I’ve learnt from writing over 120,000+ words.

In the past year I’ve done over 100 word vomits of at least 1000 words each, which adds up to over 120,000 words. It has

0116 – writer’s “block”

It’s been a full month since I last published something. When I started out I naively thought that I’d be able to

0115 – how to write for a living

I’m a pretty good writer by most general standards. Not the best in the world, but significantly better than average- en

0081 – evaluate and improve your publishing configuration(s)

Alright! This is starting to feel really natural now, I write in evernote on my way to and from office. I’m not sure why

0079 – back, business, writing skills

On the way home now. I was going to start with “back!”, because it feels like I abruptly ended the last vomit with

0077 – sex and sexy stuff

All right, writing time. Decided to take the stairs down instead of the lift because what the heck, it’s only 6 floors.

0060 – what is blog for, what’s your water

Two questions on my mind, let’s start with the blog. It’s always been on my mind, sometimes at the forefront and

0043 – Life is theatre, writing for self

Life is theatre. All the world’s a stage. Everything we do is a part of the show, where we like it or not. We are all an

0040 – main question, refactoring, writing

The main question that’s been on my mind for a few years really- apart from things like “how am I going to put foo

0013 – I want to make beautiful web experiences for others

word vomit 1000 words 15 minutes unedited Just woke up. I swear, I woke up at 8am, or 8:15 or so- I remember looking at the ti

0006 – Extract signals from the recurring ideas and experiences of your life

Word Vomit is 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. Today’s thoughts are about recurring insights, and about changing your

0003 – Thinking about writing, and deliberate discipline

WORD VOMIT is when I write 1,000 words in 15 minutes. You have better things to do than to read this. It seems that the best w

0002 – Late Night Conversations, and Writing Without Editing

Word Vomit is when I write 1000 words in 15 minutes, without editing. I’m sure you have better uses of your time than to