0650 – if you’re not beating a fear, you’re hiding from it

(I started this a few days ago, I’m going to finish it now.) I was watching a video by Ramit Sethi over dinner earlier.

0632 – most people want quiet, not justice for others

The world is large, and complicated, and there are all sorts of people in it. This seems to be surprisingly hard for some peop

0622 – everything is incredibly fragmented and broken

It’s interesting to contemplate the effect that families have on individuals. I’m born to a Hindu tamil family in Singapor

0534 – becoming a man means accepting responsibility

(started 25 sept 2015) When does a boy become a man? In some societies- tribal cultures in particular- there are very explicit

0532 – guilt as a signalling mechanism

(started 3rd nov 2015) Let’s start with a bit of skepticism. I’ve written about feeling guilty several times befor

0504 – the pebble in the shoe is worse than a rocky road

Woke up pretty late today after a long night shooting video game villains with my friends. Had a nice afternoon coffee with my

0491 – everything changes so stop holding so tight

Have had a few recurring conversations recently– first with my wife then with a couple of my colleagues, and I suppose I wro

0488 – getting shit done is a lot of work

So this is interesting. It’s 12 noon now. I was able to chug from 5am till about 730am, then I got tired and started rea

0487 – progress is cringeborne

One of the best signs of progress is when you find yourself cringing at your own work. The more recent the work you cringe at,

0486 – boredom is a symptom of a cluttered mind

I think I wrote about this as a Facebook status before, because I was so excited about it, but it’ll be good to revisit

0485 – the athlete must play hurt

Took a short break, drank some water and I’m back for round 5. The title of this post is from a line from Steven Pressfi

0468 – boredom is a bug of the mind

(The following vomit gets a bit messy because I jump back and forth and repeat myself) I want to think and write about about b

0461 – we are all miseducated – accept it and deal with it

Gonna dash out a quick vomit before I go to bed. It’s a little late, but it’s just one of those days. Bought some

0451 – the moral failure fixation is a red herring

I’ve been thinking and talking and writing for some time about how I’ve needed to experience some sort of rebirth

0431 – your priorities are what you do, not what you say you’ll do

My subconscious doesn’t seem to grasp the idea that I’ve done over 400 vomits. I write “242” instead

0426 + 0427 – significance requires responsibility

Trouble sleeping, mind is refusing to power down. Thinking about the last vomit, and how I didn’t adequately answer the

0404 – some things change, some things stay the same

I took a bit of time to read some of my older writing– some from back in 2006, some from back in 2010 or so, and some from 2

0399 – good conversations do not write novels

I was thinking about my last vomit about how my writing style has changed, and how grateful I am to have induced and witnessed

0392 – life is precious

Life is precious. It’s the best thing we’ve got, as far as we know, and yet it’s unpredictable, volatile. We

0390 – my feelings are often wrong and unreliable

Recovering from my illness. I feel my mind returning. I have thoughts and questions to explore. I find myself thinking about t

0372 – no escaping the rehearsals

I’m not sure how I should feel about the amount of time I spend inside my head thinking about my past. I don’t want to be

0320 – reading is good

Moving on. I’ve been reading books again. In relatively quick succession this year, I’ve read William Gibson’

0319 – tawk is cheap

In Zen In The Art Of Writing, Ray Bradbury describes how he feels weird if he doesn’t write for a couple of days. I can&

0245 – reminder that greatness is goddamn hard

I want to write about this idea… that doing good doesn’t always feel good. I think I first encountered this idea i

0242 – all conversations are plagued by silent evidence and underrepresentation

The single biggest thing that’s bothering me right now is the following realisation: 1- Every single conversation takes

0213 – freedom requires violence

There were other thoughts in parallel with the Bullshit one. What were they? Okay here’s one that I had written down but

0212 – Bullshit breaks down at the boundaries

I’m on the way to work, and for the first time in weeks, I’m not tired. Not exhausted. It was almost definitely th

0170 – question assumptions; what got you here won’t get you there

Fishes don’t know that they’re in water. And we don’t realize that we’re in unique cultures and enviro

0167 – Reading Under The Desk + Groups are scary

When I was in my second or third year in Junior College (I flunked my first year- was too busy smoking cigarettes, playing bas

0142 – Arbitrary configurations of reality

Written in April 2014. Haven’t been writing. Why? Any good reason? Feels like a natural ebb and flow. Got kind of tired.

0121 – a bird in the hand is worth a flock in the sky

120th. I’m amused by how long it took me to get here. It reveals how naive my projections have always been. I think I es

0094 – games aren’t just games

Spent half my train ride looking for a really good picture of FemShep to use as a motivational wallpaper. (Heroine of Masss Ef

0053 – we rarely love people

The following are two combined half-vomits written on the train. Incoherent, etc. You shouldn’t bother reading this. I&#