0655 – cross one threshold at a time

Do I have time for another? I established earlier that if I wrote 2 vomits a day, I could be done in September. If I do 3 vomi

0651 – in search of lost time

(Started last week, finishing this now.) The title is a title of a book by Marcel Proust. I believe I first heard of it while

0644 – be mindful of time and the little things

Time passes incredibly fast. I was at work earlier, and it was maybe 530pm. Next thing I knew, it was 7pm, then 730. And I lef

0626 – be mindful of history and time

I spent an evening out with friends today, and it was a rather pleasant evening. I didn’t exactly learn anything amazing or

0616 – micromanage your time

I’m on the train now, I’m on the way to work. I’m still a littitle bit mindblown at how long it took me to w

0615 – measure your time

I woke up at 9, rolled around in bed for a while, talked to my wife for a bit, and now I’m out of bed at 10:26 with my lapto

0606 – schedule and prioritize me-time (then everything else)

How much me-time do you get a day or week? I created a task that said, “I need to schedule my “inner child” time ear

0603 – the trouble is you think you have time

I had a long, difficult and illuminating conversation with the wife today when we went for a walk and talked about our future

0592 – value your own time

I created a todo list task for myself titled “value my own time”. It stemmed from a conversation I had with an older colle

0576 – consider time wasted

I was really tired last night and figured that I must’ve been sleep deprived. So I went to bed at something like 830 pm

0568 – tripping through time on the information superhighway

I wanted to write about “tripping through time”. I was telling another friend about this essay that I’ve bee

0545 – find humor in your dark times

There’s an enticing idea in the game of Zen and spirituality and philosophy and whatnot, which goes something like this:

0502 – set aside time for scheduled personal software debugging

Just left a marketing event and I’m on the way home. What’s on my mind? There are a bunch of things that I could a

0423 – muddled time

A couple of things happened today that made me think about the passage of time. An ex-colleague visited the office, and the de

0418 – do periodic reviews at multiple timescales

“How do I design checks and balances into my routines?” I’ve been writing word vomits pretty regularly becau

0292 – the way to do it is piecemeal: learn one new song at a time

I have a Workflowy that is full of prompts and thoughts and suggestions that I’m trying to pare down. I do that by delet

0265 – games that help with time and money

Games and projects that really give you a sense of life, in terms of $$ / time? (0093) Mass Effect. Dragon Age. (I suppose thi

0260 – moments out of time

I had a moment earlier which I really wanted to capture, which also reminded me of several other moments. I’d like to ch

0137 – make time for Life

This was written late March 2014. It’s already March and soon it will be April of 2014, but I’m still thinking abo

0080 – be mindful of your age and the passage of time

1: relative ages 2: twitter impulse 3: waking earlier but lingering in bed 4: underestimating the seemingly trivial, daily blo

0039 – smartphone

I’ve turned into one of those people glued to their smartphones on the train. I just got my first smartphone a few days

0007 – Night Time Scheming, and Singaporean Fiction

Word Vomit- 1000 words in 15 minutes, unedited. Alright it’s 11:35pm and strangely my mind is starting to go to mush. I