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0572 – how social media affects people’s engagement

J asks: Has the emergence of social media – text, images, and video, made the internet more like passive entertainment o

0325 – sick + facebook again

It’s the 12th of May, 2015. It’s 2:48am. I’m recovering from a pretty nasty cold or flu, and I find myself r

0210 – after the unfriending

Since unfriending everybody, I’ve gotten quite a bit more headspace to think about other things. It’s been lonely,

0191 – I Unfriended Everybody

I’ve been getting a lot of utility from meditating on Everything Is A Remix. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful

0161 – Overstimulated

There’s a scene in one of the earlier episodes of The West Wing where the White House Chief Of Staff, Leo McGarry, descr

0146 – a utilitarian approach to social media

I’ve been really frustrated with the state of discourse in most fields. Most people are, in my biased opinion, caught up

0105 – be aware of your addictions and dependencies

(old post- 31st august 2013) Haven’t written because I feel like I’m repeating myself and I have zero authority. N

0104 – manage your information diet and lethargy

(this is an old post- should really be about 20 vomits ago or so. 26th of august.) “This mrt ppc curve is not maximised&

0080 – be mindful of your age and the passage of time

1: relative ages 2: twitter impulse 3: waking earlier but lingering in bed 4: underestimating the seemingly trivial, daily blo

0070 – social media and me (and games and addiction)

Was writing about excitement, how it’s important for Singaporeans to have something to be excited about, talked about mu

0062 – Facebook fatigue

There’s severely diminishing returns to time spent on Facebook and other social media. I don’t entirely understand

0052 – should you motivate yourself by comparing yourself with others?

My feedly isn’t loading and social media has diminishing returns so I souls just start writing. My mind isn’t part