review your stuff

0683 – if writing is important to you, write.

I had a thought recently that’s been sticking with me. Which is – if writing is as important to me as I say it is, why don

0667 – revisit, review and re-reference your work [Final Third!]

I have been hesitant to begin on the final third of my word vomit project. There’s a simple reason for this – I wasn

0665 – keep going, do reviews and improve yourself

In 2000 words, I would have completed 2/3rds of this project. Strangely, I don’t have a lot of feelings about this. I se

0654 – do reviews regularly so you can have more fun

I have a sprawling to-do list that’s just full of things that I haven’t gotten around to. This is an interesting challenge

0628 – review your stuff hyper-regularly and do a little bit every day

Today was an interesting day in terms of productivity. I woke up later than I’d have liked, and spent a bit of time just

0625 – consolidate your thoughts

I feel a slight increase in mental clarity after finalising my thoughts on a project that I want to work on. I know it seems c

0615 – measure your time

I woke up at 9, rolled around in bed for a while, talked to my wife for a bit, and now I’m out of bed at 10:26 with my lapto

0608 – commit to reviewing your calendar

One of the things I want to get better at doing is reviewing each calendar year. 1. I’ve always been bad at doing any sort o

0587 – begin the day with a review, not social media

Sometimes when my wife’s phone is out of battery, she’d borrow mine and scroll through my Facebook feed. (I do tak

0530 – first monthly review

So the first month of 2016 is over. I’ve done a few good things. I’ve met some friends- I remember 4 specific meet

0526 – revise and refine your personal algorithms (they’ll set you free)

I’m thinking about Facebook and video games again, and personal growth and scaling difficulty. When you play a game such

0518 – refactoring my personal library

So it’s the second day of the new year, and it’s a weekend, and so far so good. I hit the gym, did some squats. Di

0502 – set aside time for scheduled personal software debugging

Just left a marketing event and I’m on the way home. What’s on my mind? There are a bunch of things that I could a

0501 – regularly revise your personal narrative and self-concept

There’s a lot of sciencing that I can still do to improve the quality of my life. One of the slightly frustrating things

0498 – commit to perpetually upgrading your software (Push The Big Red Button)

Many vomits ago I wrote about the concept of a “The Big Red Button”. It’s a fun thought experiment– if you

0489 – a weekend of refactoring

It’s been a good weekend. Yesterday I woke up really early with my mind swimming with thoughts, and I wrote a full 8 vom

0418 – do periodic reviews at multiple timescales

“How do I design checks and balances into my routines?” I’ve been writing word vomits pretty regularly becau

0385 – schedule revisions for learning through repetition

It’s my third day waking up early. I got more sleep last night than I did the previous two nights, so I’m more awa

0383 – review your principles regularly

TLDR: I want to minimize unnecessary fear, uncertainty and doubt I want to never feel sorry for myself I want the freedom to b

0373 – revisiting the origin (of the word vomit project)

I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of questions. My first question is to do with these vomits. Why am I writing these? It̵

0241 – Revisiting “on purpose”, from 2009

In 2009 I had a conversation with a friend about life that felt really powerful, and I went home and started writing. This was

0052 – should you motivate yourself by comparing yourself with others?

My feedly isn’t loading and social media has diminishing returns so I souls just start writing. My mind isn’t part