0470 – to be or not to be (in one’s self-interest)

It’s 437am and I’m having trouble sleeping. I have a meeting at 11, so I’ll have to be out of the house befo

0453 – contemplate presence and impermanence

Impermanence is a hard idea to properly grasp. (It’s amusing how “grasping” implies some form of control, some ability t

0440 – reading old vomits (and thoughts for new ones)

Second set of things on my mind– thoughts while re-reading old word vomits. The first and most pressing thought is that I

0412 – on conversations again

Yesterday I said that I’d write a word vomit about having good conversations. It’s a good idea to do what I say I&

0406 – reflecting on habits

I decided to take 5 minutes to ‘meditate’ and calm my mind before writing this. I was going to start without knowi

0345 – vague again

Let’s wipe the slate clean again. So okay, I want to be a man of my word. I want to be a strong, responsible person. I w

0339 – cadence

So it seems like I might be developing this rhythm where I’m writing a post every morning and another one every night. M

0305 – 2nd workout, reflecting on overthinking

I have a thought in my head, which is “I regret the amount of time I spent on Tumblr/Facebook.” It’s an inte

0211 – reflecting on why

Feels like I’m going over old ground a lot. Let’s go somewhere new. Let’s just ask questions and answer them

0023 – Quora + Naam Ras + Jamming

There are two things on my mind right now- Quora and Naam Ras. It’s 6:25am. Yesterday I told myself that I would get off