0604 – what are you afraid of?

On a day-to-day level I’m afraid of getting caught and scolded for doing bad things, or for not doing the things that I

0573 – what would your younger self think of you?

I’m thinking about who I used to be and who I am now, and what’s changed. I was reading Nassim Taleb’s commencement spee

0571 – why I ask for questions

A friend asked, why do you ask people to ask you questions, why not just write about stuff which you cared about? My immediate

0551 – any issues?

A: I was asked if I have any issues. B: Well, do you? A: I don’t know. Doesn’t everybody? What is an issue? B: Wel

0537 – what is going on?

What are we, what is going on, what should we do? We’re all bags of cells. A hundred trillion nanobots working together,

0507 – what does love mean to you?

“Can I be totally honest with you?” “Sure.” “Huh. It’s funny– I didn’t actually re

0499 – what would Visa like to read?

A friend posted a status update asking people to tell him what they’d like him to write about. I thought about it for a

0480 – “Why do you read?”

Before words were written, they were spoken. They probably started out as grunts and yelps and growls. Somehow, over time, the

0475 + 0476 + 0477 – How did I get here?

It’s always fun to pay attention to all the different kinds of stimuli I encounter, which then trigger a series of paral

0474 – “Do you have any writing advice?”

This post was written direct to Medium. For you? Of course! 🙂 Before anything else, you have to know what you want to say.

0463 – when does a boy become a man?

When does a boy become a man? In some societies- tribal cultures in particular- there are very explicit initiation rituals and

0436 – what for?

I’ve been observing with interest as the people around me have been writing long ass essays on Facebook, and getting int

0415 – how to have meaningful interactions + game mechanics in life

I want to take a couple of vomits to answer a bunch of questions I’ve collected over time, mostly the earlier vomits. &#

0307 – dealing with plateaus

A: Lately I’ve been thinking about exit decisions, about the potential or opportunity of throwing away everything to sta

0290 – what makes a good video game?

What makes a good video game? This is another one of those things that was on my list. I grew up absolutely in love with many

0235 – questions that arise pt 2

How do I succeed where my parents, teachers, etc failed? [0067] I’m still trying to figure out the answer here, but I th

0215 – why do I not sleep better?

This is the most important question in my life right now. If I sleep better, I have more clarity of mind. I make better decisi

0184 – What moves me?

I was about to write “I used to think that developing discipline would cramp my improvisational style”, but then I

0179 – Why can we sometimes change our habits, and sometimes not?

Behavioral change: What separates successful attempts from unsuccessful attempts? The answer I most hate is “you have to

0177 – Why bother doing your work when the universe is going to be extinguished in the end?

Immediately hot on the heels of the last post. 10x more swearing that usual. Why bother doing your work when the universe is g

0158 – Why do anything? The Disneyland Analogy

Wrote this a few weeks ago, just finished it up. I think one of the simplest and deepest dilemmas that everybody needs to reso

0147 – if it works, do you accelerate it?

This was started on Jan 2014, and completed today. If you know that something is changing, and it seems to be a good thing- i

0143 – question your assumptions about how life should be lived

This post was written in May 2014. Lost Illusions I find myself questioning many of my assumptions about how life should be li

0136 – quality conversations, questions and thoughtfulness

This was written on March 25th, 2014. I like good conversations. I think good conversations are enriching, good for the mind a

0133 – Which Singapore?

It’s a wonderfully cool morning for 1140am in Singapore, and I find myself thinking that Singapore would surely be more

0130 – two thirty am

(moar old stuff 2013) It’s 230am and I can’t seem to get to sleep so I figure that I might as well do a word vomit

0052 – should you motivate yourself by comparing yourself with others?

My feedly isn’t loading and social media has diminishing returns so I souls just start writing. My mind isn’t part