0538 – evaluate (and do not tolerate) your problems

(started 4 oct 2015) In an earlier vomit, I mentioned that I already pretty much know what all my problems are and I know what

0528 – break things down

Sometimes it feels like there are gaps in my reasoning or gaps in my understanding of my own behavior. Why am I not writing ev

0514 – don’t build taj mahals

I’m re-reading Fareed Zakaria’s The Post-American World. [1] I’m at the bit where he’s talking about Z

0479 – revisit the Resistance

I started re-reading Steven Pressfield’s War Of Art on a whim, after cycling through a bunch of other reads– Guns Germ

0417 – idea-resistance, one journey, saying no, falling off wagons

“9. The best ideas get implemented without resistance, why?” Well– these might not necessarily be the _best_ ide

0416 – be precise about execution and work hard

“Are we limiting ourselves when we think local?” I was thinking about this in the context of writing. Should I wri

0410 – shelves of books and nothing to read

I was amused by a minor struggle I had this morning when choosing a toilet read. I’ve gone through quite a few books in

0397 – stop living life stressfully (the elephant can break free)

TLDR Collect desired end-states We are all elephants tied to posts Don’t waste time talking to other tied elephants; fre

0395 – procrastination as Parent vs Child breakdown

I felt like that last post was a lot of beating around the bush and exploring the area around what I wanted to talk about with

0394 – the problem with the motivation game

I’ve always been fascinated by discussions about motivation and procrastination. I guess it’s because I’ve h

0369 – skin in the game and growing up

I’ve read a lot about procrastination and akrasia over the years but one thing I’ve always resisted doing is using

0363 – blood sugar 1

I haven’t done the reading yet, but I want to write about it first so that I can reflect on this after I’m better

0359 – one coherent picture

In the previous post I tried to think about how brutal and indifferent nature is, and how it generates its own suffering in to

0349 – ‘be dangerous’

I just looked up Dave Trott’s blog– he wrote a book called Predatory Thinking, which I enjoyed (at the bookstore) and

0348 – clearly define your done-criteria

A huge part of my procrastination comes from bad project management. I notice it’s easier to commit to a run when there&

0337 – no really do it now

Today started out a little imperfectly– I didn’t jump out of bed the way I wanted to. (I wrote about that this morning

0334 – procrastination pt 2 1- Find out why you procrastinate. Is the task: Unpleasant? Boring? (

0333 – procrastination pt1

Here’s something funny– I’m a procrastinator, and a pretty bad one. And something I’ve always wanted to do

0296 – procrastination equation– expectancy and value

The procrastination equation has four parts: expectancy, which is how much you genuinely believe you’re likely to comple

0294 – believe that you can become a responsible person

Right, so hot on the heels of the last post, the question to be answered is– what does it mean to achieve a happy medium? Wh

0284 – the Internet and the Resistance

The Internet is a beautiful thing and I am incredibly thankful for it. Really, it’s a goddamn miracle that it exists, th

0275 – the problem with getting things done

The problem with Getting Things Done (GTD) – for me, at least– is that you have to know what you want to do. You have to

0273 – ask yourself questions about what’s holding you back, and answer them honestly

I have been trying for years now to solve a problem (or set of problems) that I have not been able to adequately define. There

0272 – let go of cheap validation, do hard things instead

It feels like I haven’t done a proper vomit in a few days. I did a version-one glossary of terms that I tend to use, and

0270 + 0271 – Glossary of Stuff I Talk About v1.0

One of my goals for this word vomit project is to develop a more elegant, structured sense of my own mind and my own thinking.

0266 – beware the dark playground

(some repetition) Let’s zoom back out– the point of this vomit was to think and talk about games that allow me to have

0254 – old friends, denying and embracing the now

Old friends I met an old friend for dinner and drinks a couple of days ago and I really liked it. It was pleasant. On hindsigh

0234 – answering questions that arise

A while ago, I took some time off to do a review of my early vomits– I believe I reviewed the first 100. Here are some of th

0228 – getting back into the groove of Heavy Reading

I’ve been asking myself this question a few times. I know that I want to read a lot. I have a lot of books. I have books

0208 – earn your keep

I deeply enjoyed reading The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield a while ago, and it’s a book I want to re-read and re-rea

0206 – fuck it just do it

Happy 2015. I was hoping that I would have something amazing to write for my first post of the year. Something contemplative a

0199 – set precise goals to measure your progress towards self-mastery

What’s a reasonable age to expect to plan to develop self-mastery by? The elegant cop-out answer is that it takes a life

0197 – 4 parts to procrastination

There are 4 parts to procrastination. Expectancy- What you believe the odds are that you’ll get it right. Do you expect

0194 – mvp model of personal development

Ugh, I just wasted a bit of time before writing this by going on reddit. I got a couple of little links and stuff out of it, b

0188 + 0189 – the kind of person who insists that shit gets done

I’ve been smoke free for over 15 to 16 weeks now. I’m not sure of the exact date anymore. I no longer get cravings

0182 – I will probably work on procrastination and productivity problems

Started this post in July 2014. Just finished it.  Founder-Market Fit Founder market fit is something that precedes product m

0180 – Hold me back, else I’ll… do something!

This post was written maybe a week ago, and I had stopped at around 900+ words. Hopefully once I cross 0200 I’ll stop pu

0176 – the state of my vomits represents my life quite well

End of the day, 0017hrs. Done with shower. Waiting for wife to shower. The vomits are a tragicomic manifestation of my life at

0171 – fundamentals, small changes, fixing laziness

Written in January 2014. How about  completely unplanned vomit, huh? Technically no vomit is completely unplanned because the

0164 – Recognizing Naivete, and #welcometothecircus

This was written towards the end of June 2014. Naivete I naively hoped that I would be doing 2 word vomits a day, finishing al

0162 – Identify your wants and utility functions

I wrote this in May 2014, publishing now. I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but each time I strip away some

0150 + 0151 – Restatement of Purpose

I have often felt purposeless, for the most part. Sometimes I get caught up in something and get all excited, but it usually e

0149 – Channel your fury constructively; become stronger because of it

Defining Fury I have been struggling for a word to describe a condition that sometimes comes over me. I sometimes want to call

0147 – if it works, do you accelerate it?

This was started on Jan 2014, and completed today. If you know that something is changing, and it seems to be a good thing- i

0139 – ADHD

A couple of smart mentors have suggested to me in the past that I have some sort of ADHD, and I read a couple of accounts from

0138 – Identify what makes YOU happy

For two weeks I managed to stick to a daily habit of writing down what I had done that day, watching a motivational video (why

0131 + 0132 – Tesla Motors, Neil Tyson, Singapore, Vision and Benevolent Dictatorship

There are few things I’m more excited about than Tesla Motors. The company is committed to pulling the future forward to

0128 – 2013 in summary

More old posts. This was at the end of 2013, 6th dec. The past year for me has been characterized by me ripping my identity to

0126B – kill the saboteur

More from the series of “I’m publishing stuff I wrote but didn’t publish”. This was from November 2013

0125 – consider the self as a state

According to Evernote, I wrote this in August 2013. Doesn’t look like I’ve ever uploaded it, so… I’ll

0124 – Stop living in the past

I was watching one of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s videos about mindfulness and meditation, and he talked about how we often spend o

0123 – laziness as work aversion

I want to talk about the word lazy, which I have come to hate with a passion. I’m biased, because I have often been desc

0119 – unclogged, future direction

I’m determined to finish writing a full vomit on my commute home and have it published. It’s been too long. Absenc

0110 – life should be interesting + boring task mgmt stuff

I logged into Facebook on a whim- I try to keep off it these days. I saw that Nassim Taleb was in Singapore. What are the odds

0108 – future as escapism

12 sept Feel the urge to tidy up, to have a landing page. But life is messy! It’ll never be possible to tidy up years of

0104 – manage your information diet and lethargy

(this is an old post- should really be about 20 vomits ago or so. 26th of august.) “This mrt ppc curve is not maximised&

0103 – The sneaky procrastinator waits patiently for The Slip

A picture speaks a thousand words, so lets start with that.   Do you see The Slips? If I didn’t use this external t

0101 – 14 days later (update from the light-fires-not-fill-buckets guy)

Boring Preamble About My Word Vomits This is my 101st word vomit of at least 1,000 words each. The early vomits were written u

0095 – more on gamification, relationships

Okay- while my mind is clear and I have a bit of time, I want to re-approach the ideas of gamification and subjectivization (i

0092 – gamification, orteil, pacman

Been using Beeminder for a couple of days. Yesterday I did an extra set of pushups and felt more compelled to publish my eveni

0091 – blog history and cultivation

On the way home. It occurred to me at the last minute that the latest blogpost in doing for work might actually be quite a hit

0090 – firelighting, aphorisms, unknowns, free-roam, shackle-free slavery

I slept at midnight last night- a little later than necessary but not too late. I didn’t set an alarm, and so I slept lo

0088 – break up with the saboteur-bum in your head

A new day. Yesterday I entered rage mode at work when a couple of ideas collided in my head (productivity + dating site prompt

0087 – productivity apps fill buckets when they should be lighting fires

Here’s how I think we’re actually going to solve the productivity/procrastination problem. I’m a person with

0086 – memories of reading, procrastination, facebook, smoking

I have been feeling slightly blocked for a while- though perhaps it might be more accurate to say that I am slightly blocked m

0074 – stop sharpening the axe

Here’s an interesting phenomenon I wasn’t expecting to witness until say 200 or 300 posts into this 1000 post comm

0071 – manage your energy by focusing on small tasks

I wrote about things like “big problems” and “abstract problems” and things like that, but if I may be

0067 – rotten apple

The last thought I ended with when I was writing on the way to work this morning was- how do you save a kid from himself when

0066 – starting over, reflections on procrastination

Life may not be meaningful but it can and should be exciting. That seems to be Elon’s conclusion following his existenti

0063 – good questions and referral marketing

Well I’m on the way home now. Had a decent day at work. Good start in the morning, and decent finish- I shipped a post t

0059 – Waking Early

Good morning. It’s 0650hrs. I went to bed at 0000 last night. I did my best to calm my mind, to be in a state of fitful

0058 – Monotasking

That’s the first thing on my mind today, the importance of monotasking. (I didn’t charge my phone last night and I

0049 – “I didn’t do well because I didn’t study”

This is something I’ve said to many people over the years, in many situations. I say it to myself all the time and it

0041- Consider procrastination, and your inability to focus

I picked up smoking when I was 16 and smoked regularly until I was 22.5. I’d smoke in the morning when I woke up, I̵

0024 – Identify procrastination as pain-avoidance, and lean into the pain

Wow, I’m tired. I woke up at 4am this morning and I stayed up until the evening, when I slept for maybe 2-3 hours from 5

0001 – Video Games & Productivity

1/ Life should be like an amazing book or video game. Compelling, rewarding, engaging. exciting. Procrastination is just bad g