0579 – have something to live for

More than a couple of friends have asked me if I’m depressed, or if I’m experiencing some sort of existential cris

0545 – find humor in your dark times

There’s an enticing idea in the game of Zen and spirituality and philosophy and whatnot, which goes something like this:

0536 – Lemmy (This is not a practice life)

(29 Dec 2015) I woke up today and learned that Lemmy from Motorhead is dead. I wasn’t particularly a big fan of the band

0506 – More Power

I’ve got a few minutes so I thought I’d run through the blog manifesto I’ve been putting together. I’v

0500 – I’m proud of you

It’s 1:31am and I really, really need to pee. And this is the thing that I will remember about the 500th word vomit that

0420 – intelligently power through plateaus and don’t give up

“What is the present state of the saboteur?” The saboteur is always present, always scheming, and always full of s

0395 – procrastination as Parent vs Child breakdown

I felt like that last post was a lot of beating around the bush and exploring the area around what I wanted to talk about with

0379 – I can

I’m feeling rather impatient. I find myself thinking that I should be done with this word vomit project already. But I&#

0266 – beware the dark playground

(some repetition) Let’s zoom back out– the point of this vomit was to think and talk about games that allow me to have

0216 – find a reason to be (smartly) mad

I think that Life should be lived passionately, with fire in your eyes and heart. It shouldn’t be boring, mundane, forge

0184 – What moves me?

I was about to write “I used to think that developing discipline would cramp my improvisational style”, but then I

0174 – Impulse, Motivation, Dreams, Discipline

I just woke up after what felt like a really good night’s sleep and I decided to start with a word vomit. I want to get

0160 – Motivation is an odd thing

This post was written in February 2014, but I’m only publishing it now. Motivation is an odd thing. What does it mean? L