0631 – optimize for years, not days; improve skills by learning specific new things

I missed a vomit yesterday because I was so tired and sleepy – which means that I gotta do two today. But if I just do one,

0605 – watch good documentaries and think

I’ve watched a couple of documentaries lately and I want to reflect on them for a bit. The first was Masters of Doubt, which

0599 + 0600 – learn to be violent

Violence is a fundamental part of nature, red in tooth and claw. Earlier today I saw a cute little housecat that was probably

0593 – learn from your experience

I have a todo item titled “what experience teaches you”. I was reading somewhere about how as you get older, your enthusia

0385 – schedule revisions for learning through repetition

It’s my third day waking up early. I got more sleep last night than I did the previous two nights, so I’m more awa

0376 – meditate and reflect to unlearn childish incompetence

TLDR: I’m still childish. I’ve been an adult for a couple of years now and it’s sometimes funny and sometime

0292 – the way to do it is piecemeal: learn one new song at a time

I have a Workflowy that is full of prompts and thoughts and suggestions that I’m trying to pare down. I do that by delet

0277 – adulthood is about learning to parent yourself

Well that last post was kind of messy and tried to say a whole bunch of things all at once, which I thought was a bit of a bac

0186 – A list of “What I’ve Learnt”s, part 2

– creating \(n_n)/, or How To Build A Community I’m amused at how poor all the “how to create a community” blogpos

0185 – A list of “What I’ve Learnt”s

I had a list of old prompts lying around in my Evernote since forever. Finally, on a day where I felt full of writerly energy,

0118 – What I’ve learnt from writing over 120,000+ words.

In the past year I’ve done over 100 word vomits of at least 1000 words each, which adds up to over 120,000 words. It has