0677 – start over again, repeatedly

I happened to drop by a “classic” blog of a friend of a friend, and I was just floored. It has an archive that goe

0656 – define concrete next steps on your radar

The time is now 10:05pm on a saturday night, March 25th 2017. It’s been quite a casual, lazy day. I watched some Extra Credi

0627 – comment your code (to convey intent, context, next steps)

So I’ve been trying to make sure that I publish at least one word vomit for each day of 2017. That way, in the worst cas

0617 – systematically, deliberately improve your golf swing

I’m taking a week off from work next week (today’s Saturday). I want to spend that time really getting to know myself bett

0610 – disregard current affairs, focus on priorities

So Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Social media is blowing up about it, even in Singapore

0584 – Get more out of your hours

Started in 30th may, finished aug 1 The biggest tragedy of my life- and I know that I’m tremendously lucky to have such a fi

0575 – reduce large, ambiguous problems into small, simple ones

I keep thinking vaguely about a large and ambiguous problem: how can I challenge and inspire the world, make it a better place

0519 – obliterate your subconscious taskmasters

Day 4 of the new year. Didn’t publish a word vomit yesterday. It’s interesting to think about the psychology and p

0465 – the world doesn’t need another personal development blog

I’ve been trying out this new voice-to-text app on my phone, and it’s pretty fun. It’s not 100% perfect, and

0443 – GTD, prioritization, dealing with interruptions and distractions

Work [1], daily reviews, exercise. These are the things that I really want to adopt as part of my daily routine, beyond my dai

0442 – insist on prioritizing

A few vomits ago I realized that sometimes I have to state things that seem incredibly obvious in order for me to grapple with

0420 – intelligently power through plateaus and don’t give up

“What is the present state of the saboteur?” The saboteur is always present, always scheming, and always full of s

0405 – dealing with slipping and with foggy black boxes

Had a couple of interesting conversations at work today that I want to explore a little more fully. The first is about what it

0364 – tidy up your mental filing cabinets

I mentioned “mental filing cabinets” in a previous post, and I figure if I don’t write about them now, I pro

0268 – see through the circus and focus on the fundamentals

Before I get to work I just wanted to write a quick reminder (heh, 1000 words as quickly as possible– starting time, 11:38am

0202 – smoking cessation and ten minute pomodoros

I had my last cigarette back in July 2014. I didn’t think that I would’ve stopped smoking so soon. I thought that I’d ha

0193 – prioritize ruthlessly and follow through

It is now midnight, I wish I had gotten home by 11pm and I wish I had written this vomit 25 minutes earlier. All of that is an

0071 – manage your energy by focusing on small tasks

I wrote about things like “big problems” and “abstract problems” and things like that, but if I may be

0045 – pick the smallest problem and annihilate it

Hey let’s try doing a word vomit like this! I’m using an app (it’s not write or die, but it’s built in