0306 – Terrangima, The Hero and the Call To Adventure

There’s a beautiful game called Terranigma, which is a pretty interesting spin on the classic Hero’s Journey. Not

0291 – my lacklustre relationship with poker

My blah relationship with Poker I first properly encountered Poker on Facebook. There was a Texas Hold-Em game that you could

0285 – Conan, Stark and Heroic Journeys

I once played a video game at a friend’s house about Conan The Barbarian. It was similar to God Of War, where you’

0265 – games that help with time and money

Games and projects that really give you a sense of life, in terms of $$ / time? (0093) Mass Effect. Dragon Age. (I suppose thi

0262 – Megaman X and how we teach ourselves

There’s this video that I’ve watched several times on now on YouTube– it’s by this series called Sequeliti

0203 – be mindful (don’t be sloppy like in grand theft auto)

(2014-dec-14) I spent a long time today lying on my sofa, looking out at the sky outside my window. I found it to be very calm

0127 – not enjoying games

Still publishing old stuff. Nov 2013. Yesterday the wife went out, leaving me alone at home- which I thought would be a great

0100 – cigarettes and facebook

Our vocabulary for addiction and personal change or development is so limited. It’s so simplistic and juvenile, and it&#

0096 – identity creation and narratives

Monday morning, earlier than usual. (Deciding to add or two of context to every vomit so it’s easier for me to sort them

0095 – more on gamification, relationships

Okay- while my mind is clear and I have a bit of time, I want to re-approach the ideas of gamification and subjectivization (i

0094 – games aren’t just games

Spent half my train ride looking for a really good picture of FemShep to use as a motivational wallpaper. (Heroine of Masss Ef

0092 – gamification, orteil, pacman

Been using Beeminder for a couple of days. Yesterday I did an extra set of pushups and felt more compelled to publish my eveni

0070 – social media and me (and games and addiction)

Was writing about excitement, how it’s important for Singaporeans to have something to be excited about, talked about mu