0619 – focus on troubleshooting yourself

So here’s a bug in my mind that I’ve noticed. Very often when I’m bored or stuck or lost, I end up trawling the internet

0610 – disregard current affairs, focus on priorities

So Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. Social media is blowing up about it, even in Singapore

0370 – Do the loyalty missions and embody hard truths

Reaching that age where “maybe they’re older and know something I don’t” is starting to be replaced by

0329 – creative destruction, body and mind

Creative Destruction is an idea that’s floating to the front of my mind. The notion that you have to break eggs to make

0268 – see through the circus and focus on the fundamentals

Before I get to work I just wanted to write a quick reminder (heh, 1000 words as quickly as possible– starting time, 11:38am

0227 – ethical self-focus, a declaration

Am rather dissatisfied with that last post– felt like I was spending a lot of time trying to provide context to what I wante

0203 – be mindful (don’t be sloppy like in grand theft auto)

(2014-dec-14) I spent a long time today lying on my sofa, looking out at the sky outside my window. I found it to be very calm

0112 – vomit summaries + first principles

I decided that I was going to summarize and “process” my first hundred vomits before moving forward. I found mysel

0111 – activation energy hypothesis + tattoos, piercings, mohawks

16th oct How do you quit smoking? How do you become a responsible person? How does change happen? I know books are written abo

0108 – future as escapism

12 sept Feel the urge to tidy up, to have a landing page. But life is messy! It’ll never be possible to tidy up years of

0107 – book summaries, facebook fatigue, focus

3rd sept 2013 I’m convinced that good book summaries and quotes are important. It’s startling to go through a good

0058 – Monotasking

That’s the first thing on my mind today, the importance of monotasking. (I didn’t charge my phone last night and I

0041- Consider procrastination, and your inability to focus

I picked up smoking when I was 16 and smoked regularly until I was 22.5. I’d smoke in the morning when I woke up, I̵