0673 – if the Earth weren’t a safe space we’d all be dead

Sunday Morning Thoughts cum Tedious Facebook Essay: If The Earth Wasn’t A Safe Space We’d All Be Dead – # TL;DR:

0662 – safe spaces

I have an essay swirling around in my mind about ‘safe spaces’ and I need to get it out of my system, but I can’t seem t

0636 – the human game, pt 1

Essay WIP. I find myself thinking about an Alan Watts lecture, that you can find on YouTube titled The Human Game. And he talk

0597 + 0598 – religion

Thought I’d write about my thoughts about religion, and how my perspective on it has changed from my childhood to the presen

0595 – tentative thoughts about gender

I’ve been thinking a lot about manhood and masculinity over the past year or so. I haven’t been obsessive about it; it’s

0588 – the domestication of humans

(Commute begins.) Let me start by thinking about yesterday’s post. There’s an image I saw recently- an artistic image of a

0566 – one must imagine Sisyphus LOL-ing

Life, particularly in modern civilization, is an absurd circus. We’re all clowns living in boxes trying to amuse ourselves i

0564 – modern civilization pt 3

I’m losing a bit of steam here but I got to keep going while I can. A quick summary– I’ve been thinking about th

0563 – modern civilization, pt 2

Let’s try to quickly summarise what the previous post was saying. Pre-settled human life was brutish and short, but it was a

0562 – modern civilization, pt 1

To be born into modern human civilization is both a great privilege (for the safety and opportunities it provides) and a rathe

0457 – the joy of working with constraints, pt 3

Let’s quickly try and summarize what’s been happening the past couple of vomits. In the first, I got into a bit ab

0456 – the joy of working with constraints, pt 2

I got the more big picture life-long perspective stuff out of the way in the last post, with death and life and all of that st

0455 – the joy of working with constraints

I’ll start by refuting the very premise that I want to meditate on. Constraints can be cruel, arbitrary, stupid, unfair,

0448 – parents, peers and other benevolent plagues

I’ve been reflecting on how people get into drinking and smoking and drugs. And by extension, how my life has come along

0358 – red in tooth and claw

A couple of days ago I found myself looking at some pretty graphic, grotseque images of nature in action. There was a baboon e

0054 – ecommerce

Written on the train from one-north to Yishun I feel like I’m reaching a stage with my work where I’m starting to

0047 – Consider businesses and corporations, schools and social life

Humans build businesses and corporations that exploit human frailties and weaknesses. They exploit the human need for chemical

0046 – being a fucking human being

Fiction is about what it’s like to be a fucking human being, said David Foster Wallace. The poor bastard was cursed with

0035 – HDB

He sits in an empty house with the woman of his dreams nestled in his lap like a kitten, only bigger, more beautiful and more