0669 – consider the nature of deliberate practice

I had an interesting experience today trying to make a video. It’s a video about race relations in Singapore. I don̵

0668 – consider: tempo and time-scales of writing

So I’ve been thinking about this for some time and it’s starting to come together for me now. I enjoy writing in m

0666 – consider the economics of pricelessness pt 1

I want to spend a vomit thinking about the economics of pricelessness. – Why am I thinking about this? I think it’s be

0635 – consider your contribution

I want to spend this vomit thinking about the contributions I want to make. I’m approaching the two-thirds mark (666 wor

0620 – consider Aleppo

I’ve avoided reading too much about Aleppo because I know it would be depressing and frustrating as hell, and I’m probably

0614 – consider Kissinger Before Sunrise

I was reading an interview with Henry Kissinger, and he talked about how him and Enlai from China used to meet secretly in 197

0612 – consider how the world works

“what is something i believe about how the world works, which i haven’t actually tested yet?” The older I get, t

0601 – consider the end-game

So we’re now 60% through with this word vomits project. A lot has changed. All I knew in the beginning was that I wanted

0576 – consider time wasted

I was really tired last night and figured that I must’ve been sleep deprived. So I went to bed at something like 830 pm

0481 – consider glorious possibilities of new ideascapes

It’s 5:15am. I woke up a while ago. What time did I go to bed? I think around midnight. This is an unusual occurrence, a

0401 – consider absurdity of tapping on glass

I feel like taking a vomit to think through my thoughts about games that I play. This time I’m talking about literal vid

0374 – consider what’s changed and prepare for future change

Hot on the heels of the last vomit– so this is the first time in a few days that I’m writing two instead of one. I wan

0226 – re-reading landsburg: consider the value of useful thought experiments

Yesterday (a couple of days ago) when my wife was in the shower I was overcome with the urge to do something– something that

0129 – consider the future of education

Here’s something that bothers and confuses me: a lot of the thinking and discussion about the future of education is, in

0125 – consider the self as a state

According to Evernote, I wrote this in August 2013. Doesn’t look like I’ve ever uploaded it, so… I’ll

0123 – laziness as work aversion

I want to talk about the word lazy, which I have come to hate with a passion. I’m biased, because I have often been desc

0106 – consider the pointlessness of argument

1st Sept 2013 Smoking: I had two cigarettes yesterday. I didn’t enjoy them and my mouth is icky even now. It’s not